"Booker anyone?" (repeat post sorry)

Growing up I was WAY too kewl to be seen reading a book! A Metal Edge, Bop, Hit Parader or Tiger Beat Magazine, for sure, but NEVER a book. Forget Jane Austen, I was way too busy reading up on the antics of Keanu Reeves, Bon Jovi and Ozzy. My scrapbook was not a book it was my bedroom... SCARY I TELL YOU!Well we all grow up sooner or later, as do the celebs we idolize as a teenager, mine are scary these days. Now my appreciation for things published are much much different than my days of yore! I now LOVE to read read read, and listen I must add.
I read a vampire series in my early 20's, (B.B. before baptism) and that was about the extent of my reading. About 4 years (or so) ago I was in an airport with a friend and we went into a bookstore, I was buying a recent installment of the old vampire series, hoping I could stomach it in my now mature minded years. My friend suggested I buy a Harry Potter book instead after I explained my concern. A kid's book? Puh-leez! She insisted I purchase it along with my other choice. What can I say.... she was right! Three and a half weeks later I had gobbled up all 5 available books at the time! (after I had tossed the other book at about page 50) The most reading I had ever done in my lifetime. Thank you J.K. Rowling for sparking a new love in my life. I must admit, I am quite a lofty reader still. I like some romance, I like dragons, I like period and I love to laugh! Can you say novel? I usually have a library book in my lap and a audiobook in the cd player in the car. I commute a ton, so I get alot in this way. Its great, until I find myself still sitting in the driveway waiting for a chapter to end.
I am trying to read classics as well, since I was too busy backcombing my hair as a youth. I loved The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas.. A favored movie of mine too. I never knew what a bibliophile was until recently. I happened upon a rare book store and coveted what I was in the presence of. "First edtion classics" some the price of a small home. So I have started collecting books. I have a few from the early 1900's that I am so excited about.
I am a member at this great site called www.shelfari.com/maryrc . It is a ton of fun for readers out there. Hope to see you there.

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