I want to fall in love with you...

Well my 7 month pregnancy is over. (we were in denial the first 2 months so its been a short one lol) On July 31st we welcomed Addi into our little family.

When I first discovered I was pregnant, I was in shock! I thought I was done having kids. More over, I thought I was done being pregnant. I don't enjoy pregnancy like some women. I'd have had more kids if I didn't have to endure the 9 months of being uncomfortable or sick and what have you. But I will say that in the end its all worth it. And love at first sight takes over.
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Father and Daughter

I've been sitting here thinking about things and in a round about way the subject of my dad came up. See, I tend to have my dad on a pedestal, he can do no wrong in my eyes. My husband makes fun of me all the time about it. The little girl in me still cant get enough of him.

My teenage parent's shotgun wedding didnt last. As a matter of fact, the thought of my bio-parents... together... weird. I have only one memory of us together at Disneyland, and it's a vague one at that. (Hubs thinks this is the seed of my Disneyland obsession) Anyway being the daughter of teen-parents wasn't easy, they made many mistakes and relied on family members to help take care of me until I was about 5 years old. I am grateful in my case that I wasn't given up for adoption, which was the trend back in the early 70's. They both did the best they could with their given situations. Trust me, not all 17 year old boys turn out to be such caring individuals.

My parents lived 5 hours away from each other and I lived full time with my mom, with the exception of holidays and summer break. But I received phone calls on a weekly basis and occasional drop in visits when his job on the railroad brought him to town. He always made an effort. Never once have I questioned his love for me. I've always known I can tell him anything. And if I needed to cry, he never made me feel like my tears were unjustified. Sometimes we'd sit on the banks of the river and talk, about anything and everything.

As most kids do in long distance families, I wanted to try and live full time with my dad. He was remarried and I had a baby sister. After a custody battle and some grueling bickering between step-parents the opportunity came. But it wasnt working out so well on my end (I wont get into details). But one of the more difficult things I've ever had to do was tell my dad after all the hoopla was "I just cant to live here anymore." He didn't put up a fight or make me feel like I was letting him down. Instead he put his arms around me, told me he understood and let me go back to my mom.

My dad knows he's not perfect. But on the day I held him as he poured out his heart and tears in my arms I knew he was my perfect father....

He's a pretty amazing Grandpa too....

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Hello Again

So obviously its been forever and a day since I have blogged. today I was bored, I've watched way too much television, searched craigslist more than i ever care to again and facebooked to death. so i thought why not check out the blog o sphere. lots of my old blogger friends have abandoned their blogs as well. it made me kind of sad. so, time for an update...

well the last year has been incredibly crazy and filled with surprises, sadness and changes. i think last i left off here i announced our move to california and i was on the road with a client running for political office. well we survived the election even though she lost. would i ever do a political campaign again? probably not, just not my thing, but the money was right for the time since business was so bad last year.

the kids have adjusted rather well to california. come to find out, there were a few things our son was happy to leave behind in B.C. one was a bully! that's another post for another time. both kids are doing well socially and with their new school a 2 minute hop skip and jump from our front door made for an easy commute to school. not having to worry about car pools was awesome.

shortly after the november election we found out we were expecting. yes it was a shocker. we were in denial for a few months and didnt really talk about it. talk about a surprise! i mean our kids are 14 and 11, yea we were done 10 years ago. guess we found out the hard way, your not done until your fixed...

eventually we adjusted to the idea of a new baby and a new member of our family. the kids are so excited. and as the baby has grown and become more active in my 39 year old body (dont get me started with my "advanced maternal age"), mike and i are excited too.
 so i sit here tonight, in the final days of my pregnancy, as of late finding it difficult to sleep with feet in my ribs, blogging.... why not!

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Hello Again by The Cars


Diary of a makeup artist #38 - Start Me Up

Now that I've moved to a new market and this gig is winding down, only 15 more days, its time for me to put my marketing cap on and Start Up Again.  Pound the pavement so to speak.  These thoughts have brought me to a Diary entry.
So you're a fabulous makeup artist, you live and breathe with your brushes and your palettes.  You spend every dime you make at your part time job on the latest and greatest at the cosmetic counters. Forget rent, you can live on the streets but you CAN'T live without that persimmon eyeshadow.
You are ready to take the next step, your fabulous your fresh and you are ready to conquor.  Not only do you look the part, you feel the part.

So now what?  Heres where this career gets really confusing.  Most newbie makeup artists hit a major turning point early on during the survival of the most marketable phase.  As I've mentioned before in other entries, you must build a portfolio of your work with images that are sell-able.  Not necessarily images that are bursting with every color in your kit.

What most wanna be makeup artists don't understand is that being a professional isnt about having every brush on the market or every color of eyeshadow or even having vast amounts of creativity oozing from every pore.  While having talent, a kit that works for you and brushes that help you complete the job are very important, being a good business person is what is going to make or break you.  I've met so many talented artists and photographers in my career.  And I have seen some of them flush their careers down the toilet because they couldn't get over their fabulous selves and pull off professionalism.
Becoming a freelance professional makeup artist is essentially become a business owner.  Your are in the business of selling and marketing yourself and your talents.  This goes for anyone with a talent, whether you're a makeup artist, a writer, a crafter or a designer.  Marketing yourself doesn't have to be a daunting task, be brave, you're only in charge of one person, you.  And isn't that the best person to be in charge of?

Since its been 11 years since I've started my "business of me", I think its time for me to update my strategy... Start Me Up Baby!!

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Photographs and Memories - Jessica B. Photography

I rarely rarely post about contests and giveaways, but one has come up that has me shaken and stirred.  My good friend Jessica is my favorite family photographer.  Her work is touching and beautiful  A true treasure. I often well up browsing her site (dont tell her that, she thinks Im a toughy). Even if you don't live in Boulder City, a trip for a session with Jess will last a lifetime.  For me this isnt about the contest as much as it is about informing all my friends in every neck of the wood and giving a major Shout Out to my friend.

Here are some of her family shots that capture me and affect me. I'm a picky chick when it comes to photography, I'm totally jaded.  AND  Don't get me started on her newborn photos, Anne Geddes aint got nuttin on Jessica B.

Visit Jessica B. Photography at Without a Place to see more of her amazing work.  That includes all you pro photographers, you can see her passion in every click.  Here's the info.

WIN: A half hour mini-session in Boulder City. Good for an individual up to an immediate family. Includes a disc of of your best 10 or so images. Book your mini-session before Thanksgiving!
WHO: Well Logic would say this give-away is open to people who are willing to travel to Boulder City, BUT I think I can make some concessions for people who live in Utah, since I will be travelling there this year. Go ahead, Utah friends, WIN THIS!
HOW: Lots of ways. Became a Facebook Fan. Post about the give-away on Facebook including a link. Post about it on your blog and include a link. You can even tweet about it if you want! Get an entry for each time, and another one for leaving a comment here. Tell me how many entries you get AND tell me what your favorite scary movie is!
WHEN: Contest ends Friday, Oct 15 at midnight PST. Winner will be determined by Random.org (The winner of my last contest maxed out her entry options!! It paid off!!)
WHY: Because I'm in a giving mood. Just for fun. And I'd want to win a portrait session right before Christmas. I totally need a family shot for my Christmas cards!
So Tell OnE and Tell all and dont forget to Tell her Mary RC sent ya!

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Dont wanna be "An American Idiot"

I've worked with many politicians over the years, even the last presidential election.  I thought I was an average informed citizen back then.  I watched the commercials, read the papers, listened to speeches and made my decision at the polls.  When I was unsure, I voted my party plain and simple.

Recently I've been politially checked in.  I've also been lucky enough to get to know candidates on a more personal level.  The nasty view the public gets from the media, is just sad.  Really really sad.  The information we recieve as voters isnt about the truth, its about selling a story.  The fight between candidates is just nasty, the mud slinging and the smear campaigns are seriously engorged.

I tell ya, its part of what is wrong with America.  Our founding fathers didn't mean for political service to be a career.  They meant it to be just that a service, not a lifetime of government.  I don't know, it bugs me.
How's the race in your neck of the woods?

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diary of a makeup artist #37 - move out

Well the cat is out of the bag. And I feel good about it. The suppression was stifling.

We've moved!! We boxed up our house and drove it to California.  We left our beloved Boulder City, its so very incredibly sad.  I'm still in denial however, just call me Cleopatra, Queen of  De-Nile.  I haven't really had a chance to adjust, being that I'm on the road 5 to 6 days a week.  Mike and the kids are doing well, but Ace (the dog) and I, not so much.  But only 28 more days on the road and full reality will hit. My crown will shatter and I will have to deal.

 I was considering keeping the move under wraps because news travels WAY too fast in the small world of production.  The minute someone hears (especially your competition) you've left a market or have taken of f on a long time gig, the local headlines explode like Linsay Lohan's latest stint in rehab.. "Mary RC Has Left Town, Who Will Work In Her Place??"  within days, the phone stops ringing and your inbox is empty.  So  I  thought, Ill keep it a secret, nobody needs to know I've moved, I can travel back to Vegas for work, easy peasy.  Uh NOT....  literally hours after the moving truck hit the road, a Facebook friend in Idaho (I contacted all my local friends and asked them to keep a lid on it) posted the news on my wall.  I quickly deleted, but a few more hours passed and another post from a friend in New York, I deleted again, but it didn't stop.  Facebook was outing me.  
 Then I found myself saying "please don't tell anyone, dont discuss it on Facebook"  essentially "lie for me will ya!"  Not to mention the full stop on my blogging.  Way too much to hide.  I decided it was wrong, face the music, whats done is done, embrace the move so I can get outta the bag. 
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diary of a makeup artist #36 -i had a life...

Once upon a time I had a life.  I had time with the kids, a husband who lived in the same state as I did, lunches with girlfriends, community events to attend and something to blog about. Aside from unpredictable income, those were days of unappreciated comfort and enjoyment.  Then the big bad economy kicked in and threatened "my so called life".  (love that show)
It wasn't a sudden attack, it was a calculated effort to disrupt that which was being taken for granted.

The husband was first..  No longer were there job opportunities for recent college graduates in the State of Nevada.  The big bad economy sent him to California to work.

The B.B.E. struck again.  The kids were sad, the grades were rocked but we plowed through and adjusted to our mere 3 days a week of "Family Cram".  Daddy time became precious as did Marriage time.  Any idea how hard it is to make it ALL work in just 3 days a week.

Slowly but surely the B.B.E.'s arsenic attack took its toll on the makeup scene.  I was finding myself doing gigs I'd turn my nose up to a few months prior.  I was working with brides, a gig I'd abandoned years ago.  I was working for hourly and look rates again to supplement my phone ringing decline.

Then the B.B.E. sent some financial relief our way in the form of leaving my life behind.  Yes the money is good, but gone is my time with the kids, gone are our 3 days of Fam Cram and gone are all the little gigs.  I find myself sitting in cafe's, airports, hotel rooms and bookstores moments at a time with out time to blog.  I'm traveling more than I have in my entire life, more than I wanted to in my youth before marriage and children.  While I am thankful for income, I still miss my life...

Thanks Big Bad Economy for making me appreciate what once was...  NOW GIVE IT BACK!!

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Here i go Again!

Since I've been too busy and under a confidentiality contract, my blogging has come to a screeching halt.  So I thought I'd re-post and oldie but goodie that didn't get much comment love, in hopes of re-igniting my blog a bit.

I like to curl up on the couch under a lamp to read...
My son likes to read lying in his bed.
My mom has recently discovered the ease of audiobooks.
My daughter likes to read in a creative fashion.
What is your reading position?
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