"Cool Waterholes"

Self Portrait Tuesday! 5 elements of Summer.


As I was pondering this week's SPT I started to think how we as humans gravitate to bodies of water or a water hole of some sort. I suppose it is survival instinct. We cant live without it right? Every summer that I can remember, I think there has always been a "water hole" in this crazy thing I call my life.

Water Hole #1 The Colorado River
Me and my great friend Stephanie Canada 1995, Oh and my dad!
I was always the skinniest kid on the beachy shores, playing in the sand making drip castles and floating around the points in a giant orange life jacket. We were always surrounded by friends and fun. I couldn't find the picture I was looking for so I compromised. :-)There is nothing like the River to cool a person off in 115 degree heat!

Water Hole #2 Clear Creek Canyon
As a teenager in Winslow we hung out at The Creek, which was pretty much a deep canyon filled with water. I was so happy I found this picture of one of my friends jumping off Brad's Rock, look closely. Yup, the rocks have names! i.e. Dinosaur, Suicide, Heaven,.... dang that is all I can remember! Lots of fond memories (some that I will not tell my kids about until they have their own) from summer time at The Creek!

Water Hole #3 Lake Mead Currently we live literally minutes from the beautiful (and shrinking) Lake Mead. Can you believe this body of water supplies for most of the Los Angeles area? Its crazy. We always pray for water to flow from the western Rockies in hopes of replenishing the old Lake.

Water Hole #4 Black Mountain Aquatics Center

While living near the lake is breathtaking, if you don't have a boat or a friend with a boat (which we do), you don't typically hang there too often. So this is our current water hole! We have a great time here. We usually group up with a few families, bring hot dogs, drinks and snacks and enjoy the cool water and fun slides.
Even our friends with boats make it here on a regular basis.

Water and Summer.... it just makes sense doesn't it !?


Jeanette said...

Looks like fun. Wish we could have gone with you while we were there. Maybe next time. Don't you just love walking down memory lane? Love your self portrait drawing. You're such a talented artist.

Dacia said...

I'm ready to go swimming just from looking at those pictures. Not so sure about jumping, but swimming I could do.

Kim Sue said...

I agree water and summer just go together. great water pictures!

lelly said...

you have been near some great watering holes in your lifetime! jumping from huge rocks like that thrills me and terrifies me at the same time!

loved your illustrated spt :)

Bren's Life said...

Hi Mary! I don't know if you remember me? I think we met about 10 yrs ago at my brothers house for his b-day. Mike worked for him "Forever."
Anyhow- I just got caught up on your blog. I love it.. Do you travel to CA & stuff to do makeup-hair? Did something happen to Mike?
I hope you don't mind the questions. If you do I am sorry.
I love your spt's. We haven't been to Vegas in about 15 yrs. I bet it has really changed.
Welcome to the SPT world. It's a lot of fun..

Jessica said...

I love the crazy guy behind you in the first picture. Oh, that's your dad?? And first picture of the Creek is beautiful.

So the other day somehow we got onto the topic of the mussels. Jared says "I know how we can get rid of them - let's just drain the lake!" Oh, don't let the Sierra Club hear that! And we'd all shrivel up and die. Man does need water. Not just for obvious survival reasons, but for sanity reasons.