Halloween Bash History

A few years back Mike and I started hanging out with the Tobler and Huxford couples. We have a great time when we hang with these nuts! Wanna take a little quiz? Here are some semi normal shots of us.above...Mary Crabtree, Rachelle Huxford, Amy Tobler
below....Bill Tobler, Mike Crabtree, Andy Huxford
One day we came up with the idea of throwing a Halloween party. So in 2006 our first annual party happened, we had about 20 couples show up. The following year about 40 couples showed up. And last year we had over 110 people at the party. So it has become quite a MONSTER! (pun intended) But I love it! I have taken on the responsibily of designing the invitations. The first year was quite generic, so I wont post it. 2006

The second year we did a guess who picture. The funny thing was, not a single person realized it was us, they thought it was another generic invitation, we actually had to tell people!
Can you guess who is who?

Last year Andy came up with the Haunted Mansion theme since his wife and I are Disneyland addicts. Hitchiking ghosts Ezra Dobbins, Phineas Queeg and Gus Gracey graced the cover of our invitation.
Can you guess who is who?


And that brings us to 2008, the inspiration was laziness, I had access to these costumes, so I took full advantage. I did to all the wig work, which was the most difficult part of the process. Can you guess the movie? And can you guess who is who?


I have yet to update the site, but feel free to visit http://www.crabtobhux.com/ to check out the answers and see the party fun.


Jessica said...

Hmmm I don't think I recognized the Haunted Mansion pics were really the guys.... OK, I'm going to say L to R Bill, Andy, Mike. I know all the other ones. How fun you guys are to get all into it just for the invitations!! I can't wait for this year!

Janiece said...

What a fantatic idea!
The invites are AWESOME!!!
I will be looking forward to post party pictures

Jeanette said...

I wish we could come party with you. It always looks so fun.