Martha Madness!!

I am a huge fan of Martha Stewart's Halloween ideas. This year as I unloaded my ridiculous number of tubs and placed the decor in their usual places, I was appalled! I've painted since last Halloween and everything CLASHED! It looked horribly chauchkey! So I dove into my old Martha Halloween mags for inspiration.Here we have Martha's Glittered Bones. I found this baskety cake holder at Savers, spray painted it and filled it accordingly. click here for the know how.This one I'm not finished with but I had to post before its too late. My blogging time is almost up until next week. I'll update with the finished look. This is what it is going to look like.
Remember the post about getting rid of your ivy. Well here is what I did with all of my old ivy vines a few years ago. Painted the faux vines black for another eerie Martha idea from 2003. Mine are looking a bit sparse from years of use, do I dare buy more ivy?
Now this is all me.. Savers-shawl Dollar Tree-pumpkins, wreath base, spider bowls, candles. Garage Sales-candle holder and sconces. Jo Annes-feathers for wreath and nevermore bird.
You'll have to excuse me now, I must tend to the crafting mess I've created the last few days..
Show me some of your eerie ideas! I'd love to hear your comments.


Jessica said...

Wow. Your hosue is really cute in general and I have alreayd been impressed with your decorating skills, but now I am really impressed. You make Halloween look good! (Even if you did have a little help from ol' Martha). I love the Nevermore Bird! That is such an awesome touch! And you look like you are a better Savers shopper than I am! Rock on!

melody said...

Spooky! Joel is currently awed and inspired by Halloween decorations. He would be in love with your house. Maybe he's caught your Halloween mania.

Jeanette said...

Cute! I must steal your ideas! I especially love the black ivy!

Bren's Life said...

Too cute! I was just looking at your halloween party page. Wow- You guys really do go all out! That looks like a total blast.
Now are you one of the girls in the Hocus Pocas pictures for this year? I can't even tell... You did a great job on the make up.
And can I just say- you look absolutely Amazing. You are so skinny & beautiful!