SPT... 8 Great Stages in Life

I haven't done much blogging this month and have missed doing SPT.  But I'm back on the wagon.  I was up until 1:30 am last night bloggin for some un-goodly reason..
This is a group of 8 images on my wall that represent 8 stages in my family's life.  Best thing about them, are the people in the images.  

Mike and the Guys... this is a picture of Mike and his High School buddies in St.Johns, Mike says he's never been able to match the friendships he made back then.
Nicole and Chloe... This is Nicole my BFF from High School, Nic and I have a bond that is effortless.
Stephanie... Steph was the first girlfriend I made after High School, she and I would spend hours and hours hanging at Dennys til well into the night just talking and talking, now we do it on the phone.  Were both night owls.
Elders...  These are the missionaries (that I can't find) that taught me the lessons before I was baptized.
Shumway's...  Crabtree's and Shumway's go waaaay back to the childhood days of Mike and Rick (Jeanette's hubby) this is a group trip we took to Disneyland, we really need to do this again without itty bitty's.
Curtis Cook... Lived across the street from us and was (and still is) my son's best bud.  Curtie moved away and Z still misses him lots.
Huxford's and Tobler's...  These two families are our current friendship family.  We do tons of fun things with them all the time.  CrabTobHux is what we preface our trips and activities with.  
Life is just that much better when you can share it with Friends.  Friends are Family We Choose.  Thats what my cool necklace I got from my sister friend BJ says.  


Chris said...

How fun! Glad you are back!

jenn said...

fun memories! i love pictures...and looking back at them!

vgsmom said...

Great come back. I'll meet you in the Castle suite anytime.

Jessica said...

Facebook can't find your missionaries??!?!

Janna said...

great stp.

Janiece said...

What a great 8!