Diary of a Makeup Artist Entry #13, "CALL ME!!"

Its that time again! As a freelance makeup artist, it is my responsibility to market myself. My agents help, but I guess I'm a bit of a go getter in this department. With all the extra time on my hands while business is slow, I have come up with a new marketing campaign, blogger style. I plan on sending a small series of cards to my clients and potential clients every week for three weeks. Each featuring a different image of my work, with my take on the subject.
beauty is in the eye of the beholder. my eye-dea of beauty is clean, detailed and fresh. perfect skin is the essence of beauty. i strive for a flawless look that can be appreciated by any beholder. please visit www.maryrc.com to view my full beauty portfolio. there you can behold the range in which i can meet your beauty needs. from clean and simple to creative avant garde looks.
fashion, the ultimate creative outlet for those of us who loved to play dress up as children. having the creative freedom to showcase designs and do something new.... well need i say more. check out more of my fashion expressions at www.maryrc.com.
contact me and lets express! 702.245.6098

i love working in advertising. being a part of a creative force and bringing ideas to fruition in collaboration with a creative team is what truly drives me to work in this industry. taking direction and seeing the sparkle of relief, when i have delivered the perfect look is very gratifying. you can see more examples of my advertising work at www.maryrc.com. contact me 702.245.6098

I hope in taking a different approach, I can drum up some new business contacts. I'll keep you posted.

Call Me by Blondie, Autoamerican 1980


JamieH said...

Sounds like an AWESOME idea. I hope everything works out!

Janiece said...

This is a fantastic idea!
Your talent is very easy to see.

Go Get Them Girl!!!

Bren's Life said...

You are Amaizng! I wish I could use you everyday to help me look HOT!
Good luck. How's Mike, is he still working in CA?

Jessica said...

Did I tell you I saw one of these cotton candy billboards? I was driving down the freeway and I was like "THAT'S MARY'S STUFF!!!"