BC Brat

We have settled our family here in boulder city Nevada and we dig it! So far its been a great place to raise the kids. I tell ya, the convenience of a small town really can make life easier. We don't have the typical problems you hear of, like neighbors in your business and such. The most grief we've ever gotten was a postcard sent to our neighbor about a barking dog. It must have been intended for us, as Ace is a Bark-A-Nator during the day. This post card was complaining about all night barking which was actually a different neighbors dog who was distressed when they were on vacation.... but anyway I digress... BC has its advantages for sure. We have made some great friends and have a lot of fun with all of them. Wait til the Halloween report. The nice thing about Boulder City is that its a smidgen cooler than Vegas in the summertime. Just a note, never go over the speed limit when driving here. Our police force is bored!

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Jessica said...

Oh, we are so Mayberryish, aren'y we?