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So, this blogging thing is kinda fun, right? So I'm Mary also known online as Mary RC. Do I live an exciting life you ask? Not so much. But I like sharing as much as I like peeping in on others out there. So a bit about me, starting from most exciting to least...

First and foremost I am a mother. Not a mom or a mommy, I am Mother! (hear me roar) Things are a bit backwards in the A-typical family structure in my home. I currently am the provider, disciplinarian, take the car in, clean the garage kind of mom. All the stuff that Dads usually do. We are hoping to switch back soon, but more on that later. I have two children and a wonderful husband who recently finished getting his bachelor's degree. I love my kiddies with all my heart, but I have a different blog for them and their adventures.

Then, I am a professional makeup artist/hair designer. No, I don't sell makeup. I like to say that "I don't do civilian makeup" I do camera makeup. You know all those perfect models and actresses we all aspire to be, yeah well don't. They have teams of people who prepare them for the camera and I am one of them. We'd all look fabulous if we had perfect hair, makeup, clothing, filtered lenses, photoshop and lighting 24/7, trust me. As glamorous as my profession sounds, it's not. I lug around 150 pounds of equipment and deal with bad skin, sweat, dark circles, dirty hair, and all the other things we see in the mirror above the bathroom sink and then try to hide from the rest of the world . Yup, those pretty celebs, they have the same problems we do.. I have also worked in some crazy conditions like smoky casinos, dark alleys, hot deserts, cold mountains, wet canals, frozen lakes and cliffs. Regardless, if I must work, this is what I'll do. I now dream of taking over the "stay at home" role in my family. Cross your fingers and keep me in your prayers that happens soon.

I grew up in what society used to call "a broken family", but by today's standards is quite normal. My parents were way to young to be parents, much less stay married. So I grew up as daughter/sister in two very different families. I am an only child, a middle child and the oldest child. Yup, I'm all screwed up! :) I refuse to use the prefix "Step" when talking about my families. My childhood was not stable until my parents remarried (in some cases more than twice :-). I am grateful to have grown up with the love of multiple parents and instant siblings.
I've lived most of my life in the Southwestern United States. Primarily deserts, mom raised me in Winslow AZ and dad in Needles CA. Not the most beautiful places in the world but I love the sunshine. I hadn't realized that until I attempted life in the mid-west. Funny how absence makes the heart grow fonder. I can totally relate to those depressed people in areas of the world where the sun doesn't shine often.

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