Diary of a Makeup Artist.. Entry #01

There are so many stories I could tell, and yet because of my profession I cannot. Sitting in a makeup artist's chair is much like sitting on "the couch" in a therapists office. Confidences should never be broken lest your wishing to never work in the entertainment industry again. I try to be what you'd call a "listener", because people in my chair are typically not interested in family life, however the ones that are interested get an ear full.

As I've stated before I have had some interesting gigs. Last night I worked at the Rock Scissors Paper Championship Finals. Seriously ROCK, SCISSORS, PAPER... I kid you not!!

From the roar of the crowd you would have thought it was the Super Bowl! But mostly I believe it was the free flow of inebriation and cameras on the inebriated egging them on. An interesting part of the evening was when I was instructed to glam up one of the contestants who was so incredibly nervous she had NOTHING for the camera, personality zero. A bit of makeup and coaxing helped. She was one of the final two. I hope the makeup didn't hinder her ability to win as she did not do so. :-( The show airs sometime in August


Jessica said...

Billie West was once talking about some psychologists teaching hair dressers what to look for in someone who could be suicidal because of the very thing you are talking about. People are more likely to open up to their salon girls than to their friends, family, etc.

And wow, I want to see this RPS Championship. I want to see the intensity!!!

Bren's Life said...

I can't believe that.. Never heard of such a crazy show..