citius, altius, fortius
faster, higher, stronger

As I think of this month's SPT I realize I need all the encouragement I can get these days. Big Big Changes in the family lifestyle and Big Big decisions to make. I am by no means an Olympic athlete but feel stress of Olympic proportions these days. With Mike's new job 300 miles away, it feels right but scary all at the same time.
I missed last week because I was involved in settling Mike into his "manhole" studio in O.C. and attempting to adjust to single parenting during the week while working. The whole week was a blur, time flew and I felt like my feet were never on the ground. I had an immediate fire to extinguish when my nanny situation fell through at the last minute and quickly had to arrange my mother's transportation to Boulder City ASAP to help me out with the kids, because of course it was a busy work week. Then on Friday it was another race with time as we drove across the desert as fast as we could to this..


I want our family to live there, but I am so afraid of making the wrong choice. It feels hasty, because I want it sooo badly. When we are in Coto, it is such a HIGH! It is so green, beautiful and polished. But mostly because we are together.

As I get on my knees at night I continually ask for STRENGTH because I need it so. This is so hard but I know we can do it! I know this because my husband is finally enjoying his career! YAY!!


Sarah said...

It is always so difficult to make big life changing choices. I hope you are content with the choice you make. Congratulations on your husband getting a job he loves!

The monkey bunch said...

I have been there- when my husband chose to rejoin the Army over my very loud complaints. It took a long time to get used to, but I finally accepted it. Even as he leaves for Iraq, I know it was the right decision to support him.
I hope you guys can work it out so that you are together, though.

Jeanette said...

I am so behind on blogging! I'm happy for Mike, but what a tough choice for you. I know you'll figure it out~ you're wonder woman!

Jessica said...

I'm hoping we move when Chris gets done with school. Don't tell anybody though :)
Greener pastures are better than desert pastures.
We would miss you. But there is always blogging.
We wouldn't be single parent buddies if you moved. (BTW Chris will be in school Tues & Thurs nights in the fall if you ever want to do dinner. I'll even cook if you have to work)
And as far as help with the kids, they can always come over to my house after school if they need to (I know, my house would be real exciting for them)

lelly said...

those BIG BIG BIG life changes can feel so overwhelming. i know you will find the strength you need!