the "party is on dude!"

Halloween that is!

So there was much doubt as to whether or not we would have another CrabTobHux Halloween Bash this year. Of course I am all for it, even when for sanity's sake it isn't working out. It is supposed to be at my home this year, which I would LOVE to host the bash. HOWEVER the party has surpassed the size of my home, but that wasn't even the deal breaker. With the current weather in our lives, its hard enough keeping on top of kid activities, school, domestic duties and work. So even though my heart says "yes!" my head says "get real sister!"

Then there were date dilemmas. We typically have the bash the Friday before Halloween. This year Halloween is on a Friday and the week before, Mike is traveling home from Kansas City and a big football game for TobHux kids, the Saturday before Bill our DJ has a gig. So the big question was, do we want to have the party AFTER Halloween. We hemmed and hawed, cuz it was beginning to feel like work, and a few scrooges in the mix weren't helping either. We came to a happy decision!

The party is Saturday November 1st! Location TBD! Maybe Tobler's maybe a local venue? Visit http://www.crabtobhux.com/ to stay posted!! We'll be shooting the invitation next Tuesday, so keep an eye out, we may just give you the finger ;-)


Jessica said...

Oh good! I'm glad the party is surviving. Let me know if I can do anything to help out. We will be there for sure this year. We're invited right? :)

MaryRC said...

I'll give you the finger first :)