100 things about me... holy cow.. here's 50

I love SPT so I guess I'll do this...

1. I can spend way too much time on the computer.
2. My children ground me. (No, not that kind of grounding)
3. My husband keeps me in check, and I him. I'm a balloon ready to float into oblivion and he can be a stick in the mud. I think they call it balance.
4. I am a makeup artist and a hair designer. If I have to work, this is what I'll do.
5. I envy stay at home moms.
6. I love it when I have a creative streak. I'm not so fond of the messy mess left in it's wake.
7. I make my family crazy with Halloween, I love it more than Christmas.
8. I love to make costumes and help others with theirs. I have an arsenal of costumes in my garage.
9. I love Disneyland. I could live there. I feel at peace and happy when I am there. I love Disney in general. I spent hours escaping my "Wicked Stepmother" immersed in my Disney encyclopedias as a child.
10. Maybe someday I can forgive my "Wicked Stepmother".
11. I am an only child, the oldest child and the middle child. As you read, you'll realize how confused I am. Well now you know why.
12. I do not like scary movies. Especially ones about ghosts or bad spirits. Monsters... don't bother me a bit.
13. I do like period flicks and comedy movies.
14. I am a movie snob. The industry has jaded me, one small flaw in the script, makeup, continuity, art direction.... and that is all I can focus on... I appreciate a movie well made.
15. I love to read.
16. Growing up... I hated to read.
17. Speaking of books.. I'm on Edward's team..
18. I am a friendly person, but do not make friends very easily. I've been told I am intimidating. I wish I had more friends.
19. I think it is because I have a hard time hiding how I am feeling at the present, even if it has nothing to do with the people around me. My face is an open book. My poor daughter has the same trait.
20. I like to be alone.
21. I do not mind eating alone in restaurants, traveling alone or being home alone.
22. I dislike homework. Even if it isn't mine. I always have. I do my best to hide my disdain, to no avail.
23. I love to dance. And I can still smurf like there is no tomorrow.
24. I like to karaoke too. I sound good singing a classic rock tune.
25. I loved to lip synch in front of the mirror as a girl.
26. I love Rock n' Roll in general.
27. I am a moody eater. I tend to only eat what I am in the mood for and will go to great lengths to obtain that food.
28. I am a crackberry addict. Best and worst present I've ever received.
29. My new vice is Diet Sunkist. Bye bye Diet Pepsi.
30. I do not like to wear dresses or skirts, I haven't bought a new church dress in over 10 years. I've bought used though.
31. When I was a tween, I wanted to be a Duran Durany.
32. Cyndi Lauper.. (answer to the were you Madonna or Cyndi question)
33. My favorite movie is "Gone With the Wind"
34. My favorite song is "In your eyes" by Peter Gabriel.
35. Sometimes its a bad idea to walk down the aisle to your favorite song. People may start to dance.
36. My younger brother brought my parent's dog to my wedding and he followed me down the aisle. Just one of the many reasons siblings can annoy you.
37. I love my parents unconditionally.
38. I live in a constant state of missing my daddy. Yup, Big Ol Baby!
39. I see myself in my children and it scares me.
40. I see myself in my children and I am grateful because I know their next move.
41. I'm not a big chocolate fan. But sour candy woos me.
42. I like to be in charge.
43. I hate to fail. but I am willing to try.
44. I love to play volleyball or walleyball.
45. I'm not very good at playing volley or wallyball, but I have the temperament of someone who does. And I can be a bad sport.
46. I let the dog in the house when I'm not supposed to.
47. I am a big fan of Jesus Christ.
48. I panicked when I was in the same room with Keanu Reeves, my teenage heartthrob crush when I was 31. I thought I was over him. And a professional makeup artist morphing into civilian is a bad bad thing...
49. I hid from Sean Connery in the commode closet.
50. Sometimes I miss my friends from high school.


Jeanette said...

I love your list! So fun to read.

Lene said...

Your list is great.

I can really relate to #18.

Bren's Life said...

I would love to be your friend & feel like we are friends... So anytime your in town give me a call & let's go out & have some fun. We can take our husbands or not!!
And I think I'd in a closet from Sean Connery too.. Who else have you met? Is Keanu Reeves gay?
I went out with a guy that I swear looked like him. Well at least to me. Then I went to his house & it was the worst pig sty ever & grossed me out so bad. That I never saw him again...

Jessica said...

I love learning things about you!

melody said...

I love 100(50) things mems. I went through and counted how many of these I already knew or could have guessed. It was about half and half. 23 things I didn't know about you before.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I'm so glad you made this list, Mary. You are an interesting woman.