Diary of a Makeup Artist Entry #04

Directors are like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get..
Robert Earl.. Criminal MasterMind director. This is the same director who asked for the cotton candy wigs. The last commercial I worked on with him, not only did he direct... he starred in the spot as Mr. Rewards. How funny it was to watch him run around in this suit and run the crew as well. So when the next job came around last week and he plops down in my chair and says "Crabtree, I need you to draw a curly mustache on my face." I comply because I had yet to see a shot list or storyboard. I assume he is starring in this spot as well since it is for the same company and he is sporting a shirt that says AWARD WINNING CREW. Not the case. He just wanted to wear the Snidely Whiplash stash for the sake of ... who knows.. And much of the crew from L.A. were dressed in the same shirt.On day two of the shoot, my brilliant friend and makeup partner came up with the idea of making our own shirts, we were feeling left out. We were the lucky to be here crew. Needless to say, Rob LOVED it.. So the next day we went a little further and were the Nun Makeup and Hair Crew.
We had a blast. You know seeing a nun doing makeup and hair is pretty stinkin' funny. What was really funny was many of the employees of the property thought we were for real. I have to say it was a fun 3 days, we worked hard and played hard. It makes up for all those jobs with a difficult director. Thanks Robert Earl... http://www.duckduckpoodle.com/

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Bren's Life said...

That is so cool! What a fun guy.