100 Things, last 25

76. I am now addicted to Facebook.
77. Someday I would love to direct some kind of media.
78. I also dream of learning to play the guitar.
79. I think bout going to school to become a librarian.
80. I have a book/screenplay in my head... another someday!
81. I hate my teeth.
82. I love to crunch soft ice, especially
83. Not good for my bad teeth.
84. For some reason I am still attached to my old couches. I care about who takes them. You'd think they were a pet.
85. I have a hard time getting rid of old decor.
86. My parents were 15 and 17 when I was born.... Okay pick up your jaw... :)
87. There are things I love about having young parents and some I love not so much.
88. I am named after my father's mother, Mary Elizabeth Fleming
89. I didn't like my name growing up, I wanted my name to be Nikki.
90. I love my name as an adult and cherish the fact that I am my grandmother's namesake.
91. I miss my Grandma
92. I like to imagine music videos to music when I'm driving.
93. I can't imagine starring in them myself, I always end up on the cutting room floor.
94. I wanted to be an actress when I was a teenager. Who didn't.
95. I have no desire to be in front of the camera now. But I LOVE being behind the camera.
96. My first car was a 75 Cutlass Oldsmobile, it was a living room on wheels and fast.
97. I love to dance. My husband says I dance like a
sista not a sister...
98. I love my sister Kimmy unconditionally.
99. Growing up I played with a two different children who later committed murder as adults... freaky!
I'm not sure why I just revealed that last one???


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Jen Rose said...

Thanks for sharing all that! How many years have we known each other and I didn't know hardly any of it!! :( That was cool reading. A little weird about the murders. Did they know each other? You could totally write a book about freaky stuff.