SPT- Love my sugarplums

Lelly's SPT for December is..
take deep breaths. channel your chi. don't sacrifice the small, still moments. enjoy them!
and photograph them!
tuesday, december 2 love
tuesday, december 9 joy
tuesday, december 16 comfort
tuesday, december 23 joy
tuesday, december 30 hope

I love being a mother to my children. They bring more love to my life than I have ever known. They are my sugarplums that dance in my head. I dream for them and long for their happiness. They motivate me and keep me grounded. Being a mother is the greatest gift I have ever been given. I don't blog about my children publicly, but if you would like an invite to my family blog please email me mary@maryrc.com.


Dacia said...

Cute picture! Nothing like the love of a mother!

Cecilia said...

Sweet picture! I love how you really captured the moment!

Chris said...

Very cute picture! Kids make the holiday too.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh man, sugarplums is right. What a creative spin.

Sarah said...

Being a mother is such a wonderful gift that we have been given.

Jessica said...

Excellent picture for not making them public!

mommy nurse said...

Cute! I see you kept up with your 100 list. I should go back and finish mine.

A Happy Heart Blog said...

I love this photo! So sweet!

Jeanette said...

I realized that I never commented on your sweet post and very precious picture. Being a mom is the best!