My Word for 2009

I will be and think positive from now on. No more Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout! I'm takin the garbage out!

BTW don't you love Shel Silverstein?


Jill said...

That's one of my favorite poems from that book. I still remember my 2nd grade teacher reading it to us.

Positive is a great word for the year!

Bren's Life said...

Great word. I need to buy those books. I love your smily face. It's so cute..

MaryRC said...

its a Shel Silverstein face, THE LAND OF HAPPY. my best christmas gift this year was a 1st edition hard cover 1978 copy of where the sidewalk ends... oh how i love it. it was a library book, and when i think of all the children who have read this precious copy and the laughter it has brought to so many, i get teary eyed! when i should have had my kids in bed tonight i was reading them poems and we were cracking up! this was tonights favorite..

Afraid of the Dark

I'm Reginald Clark, I'm afraid of the dark
So I always insist on the light on,
And my teddy to hug,
And my blanket to rub,
And my thumby to suck or to bite on.
And three bedtime stories,
Two trips to the toilet,
Two prayers, and five hugs from my mommy,
I'm Reginald Clark, I'm afraid of the dark
So please do not close this book on me.

I cannot believe i haven't gotten these books sooner, now they're all on my wish list.