SNOW? Are you kidding?

So its old news now but it snowed in Vegas. And I was one of the many who were stuck on the unprepared roads. I had been up since 3 am. We wrapped early at the Encore, and I was looking forward to some rest and relaxation with the kids and I had no idea what the weather had been up to. Well.... boy howdy!
Well after going the the mall for a few hours because of backed up traffic and getting diverted off the freeway again and finally making a final attempt to get home, I was stuck for another 3 hours! I didn't get home until 1 am. I was soooo not a happy camper.. can you tell? Not knowing why we weren't moving was very frustrating, I mean people all over the country drive under these conditions, right? Being that Clark County only has 6 snow plows and desert rats have no clue as to how to drive in snow, wrecks were abundant. The Boulder City pass had a blanket of fog as well as snow causing zero visibility. I didn't believe it until I drove through it. Still wasn't happy, severe lack of sleep, exhaustion and cranky crabbies will do this too you when your stuck 3 miles away from home.

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Bren's Life said...

Holy Cow! You are so Happy!
Do you remember it here with all the Winter Old visitors? It rains & the freaking roads become nightmares. They have no idea how to drive..