My Playlist.. why? you say...

Hot Blooded by Foreigner.... Im a huge Foreigner fan, I love Lou Graham's voice he is one of my favorite classic rock singers. Rock boys just don't sing like they used to. I remember this song playing on the radio when I was itty bitty and rockin out.
Safety Dance by Men Without Hats.... This was the first cassett tape I purchased on my own. I got jipped, only one good song and $8.00 was alot for a pre-teen to spend back then. I still love to show off my safety dance pose and embarrass my kids.
The Reflex by Duran Duran.... I was so in love with John Taylor, in fact I think he's still got it.. I wanted to be a Durany Girl, I remember hanging out at an arcade ooogling at a girl with the coolest haircut and 80's jacket with Duran Duran buttons all over it. I wanted to be her so badly.I couldn't get her outta my brain so I had to illustrate her for you...
Hard to Handle by the Black Crowes... For my husband, cuz I get the impression he thinks I'm "Hard to Handle". It also reminds me of our days living in "The Valley of the Sunstroke" (Phoenix), most 90's music does actually.
Brick House by The Commodores... This is the song that signals "boogie time" at our annual Halloween Bash. Bill our DJ plays it and Rachelle, Amy and I are the first on the dance floor, and then everyone joins in.

TAG!! What's on your playlist? "Why?" says I!
If you don't have one, tell me what would be on yours.


Bren's Life said...

Man I have a lot of songs on my playlist. I have one set up for Josh & one for the girls & one for me. But dummy me forgot my password so I listen to josh's or the girls..
I have well I'll have to look at the names because I forgot & am terrible at song names. I know "Hero" by Enrique

Missy :o) said...

i've never met someone that would actually agree with me on Foreigner!! (except my husband) I love them!! Totally know what you're saying.

I only listen to my 'playlist' when I'm exercising so most of my songs right now are new teenie bopper stuff that really gets me going! :o)