Diary of a Makeup Artist... Earth Hour PSA Entry #11

I was lucky enough to donate my time to the following Public Service Announcement for Earth Hour. I was in charge of Donny's cute face as well as the rest of the background talent. First time I've met the Osmonds. He was very funny, kind, respectful and totally LDS! We had a few "have to be one" laughs. Like there was some equipment in the back of the shot that the director wanted moved and Donny started to move the stuff himself. I had to razz him. I said "Donny this isnt the end of a ward party! Stop putting stuff away!" We had a good belly laugh with that one. The crew asked me if I was in "Mormon Heaven" because I got to touch Donny Osmond. Honestly I was never a big Osmond fan, I just didnt have the exposure growing up. My parents listened to Led Zepplin and Skynyrd. But because he was so pleasant and easy to work with, I am now a Donny fan for sure. 

Here is a link to the ET stuff, you can see my shadow walking off the stage for a brief minute.

I had to work during Earth Hour so my family missed it. I had grand intentions that never came to fruition. How was your Earth Hour?

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Jessica said...

Whoa, I totally missed earth hour. I'm sure all the lights in my house were on. I am so not green or carbon-footprint friendly.