Diary of a Makeup Artist.. Entourage Memories.. Entry #12

Here is a story I've neglected to write down.
When I was a senior in high school, I rented "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" and I developed a teenage crush on Keanu Reeves that lasted a few years until say Point Break! Well I got over my teenage crush. Didn't hang onto a single movie poster or Keanu article. I was done fawning over celebrities. I had a little relapse with Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall but I digress. I even neglected to see all of the ever popular Matrix flicks. Fast forward to 2004. I'm a professional makeup artist and part of Jude Law's entourage at the Showest Awards. I'm calm, cool and collected. Never mind the gaggle of other celebrities in the room. This is Jude with his assistant.
On the far right of this photo over the shoulder of Mr. White, that is me in the glasses talking to said assistant. No pics of me as I'm not an important person in the room. You can see my blurred face over Jude's shoulder in the photo below as well.
Anyway the point being that I was in a room filled with Hollywood hot shots and completely un-phased. That was until I rounded a press corner and we ran into Keanu Reeves.
I was suddenly attacked with Teen-itis! Those feelings of "OH MY GOSH, ITS KEANU REEVES!!" began to resurface. It was horrible! Here I was at work in a very professional atmosphere on the verge of a teenage freak out! I thought I was SO over him, and I was morphing into CIVILIAN. I remember thinking "I'm an adult for goodness sake! Why am I sweating and turning red? I do NOT get star-struck! I am not a fanatic! This cannot be happening to me!" I made a run for the door and got the heck outta there!

I swear I'm over him again! I think I would freak if I was in the presence of Peter Gabriel. What celeb would you freak over?


The Blonde Duck said...

Popping in from SITS to say hi!

Ann On and On... said...

You're right good friends are priceless. :D

I read your last post.... you do have the coolest job. I know they are just people, but it would be fun to observe them.

Jessica said...

Mmmm Jude Law. Fairly hot in most any movie he does. And Mike White!! Fun!! Did you see Keanu in Speed? Well, who wouldn't get teen-itis over that hairy face?!

Janiece said...

hum...I would still say Patrick Swazey

Missy :o) said...

that's so funny! But, doesn't it make you feel young again? ha ha
I was ten feet from Kenny Loggins once when I was in high school. saw him coming out from backstage after a concert. my boyfriend at the time was delivering a pizza and i was sitting in the car waiting. Out comes Kenny Loggins. ya, i did the same thing you did. so wierd. they're just regular people, right? :o)

JamericanSpice said...

I"m the opposite. I don't even acknowledge celebs. I feel they don't give a rats , so why should I. :)

But at least you got to see him :)