Spring Break Travel Log...

Thought I would post about my crazy Spring Break travels.  We departed Sunday afternoon for a 4 day trip to California.  We received an invite to stay with Aunt Glena and the kids were totally stoked.  Unfortunately half way to Barstow, I got sick, really really sick.  It was one of the worst experiences on the side of the road of my life.  So Mike turned us around, took me home and headed back to CA. because he had to work the next morning.  

So Monday, I was feeling well enough to drive so we headed out and headed to Aunt Glena's.  The kids just love hanging out there, they dont wanna go anywhere once were there.  Well who could blame them, Aunt Glena has cable t.v., snacks galore and Sammy the dog.  So instead of going to the beach, we hung out at the Donaghy Resort.

The next morning we loaded up in the car and headed to Legoland, a last minute decision.  The monkeys had never been and always wanted to go.  My son was a Lego-Maniac for a while.  We got there and realized that maybe were all a bit too old for the rides.  But what luck!  We ran into the Brown Family!!  No this wasn't planned, we've talked about going to Disneyland together, but it never worked out.
Brian is a local photographer, who has shot much of the work in my portfolio.  His cute son is such a personality and thought my kids were the bomb, so they thought he was the bomb, so we hung out with them and had a great time. My favorite part was getting to know Cela more, she's a great chick!  Check out Lego-Vegas. Felt just like going to work.
Well then it was back to B.C. for an overnight pit stop and laundry reload.  Mike met up with us and then it was time to head "through the river and over the woods to Grandfather's house we go!"
Here is the recent progress on the Hoover Dam Bridge that is going to be the cause of horrible traffic in our little community when finished.  "Slow down guys, your already 2 years behind, can you stretch it out just a little longer please!"  Were not looking forward to the hundreds of diesels that will be driving through B.C.!
Its always fun driving through the river each year.  It wasn't so deep this time, so I wasn't very  worried about us floating downstream in the car.  
Mike and his dad.
Lots of hanging on the porch, cooking and rain!  It rained almost all day Saturday which is when we cook and all the local yokals show up.  Well nuttin stops the country folk from showing up to a meat roast, especially not a little rain.
I tend to hang out on the porch swing or in the kitchen.  I did my best to plant my butt on the swing more than the stove this year.  This is my cute cowboy nephew hanging with Auntie Mary on the swing.
I think this image of my tired nephews fully explains how I felt at the end of the trip.  Could have been worse without my earplugs.  Kristen will explain what I'm talking about, she has a great chronicle of the weekend.  Now I need a vacation from my vacation.

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Cammie said...

Hello! Happy Monday....popping in from SITS to say HI and welcome you to the SITStahood!

angie said...

Love that last photo!

Saw your comment on SITS roll call, hope you had a good day off!

Jessica said...

We are taking Jared to Legoland in May for his birthday, only he doesn't know it!