"Book of Love" yay another book club!

As I have mentioned before, I love books. I am even considering going back to school to become a librarian. The process is daunting but possibly worth it. Boulder City has a beautiful library that feels very homey inside and very beautiful on the outside. I just found out they are hiring for a shelver, part time. The pay isn't much but I am seriously considering it because its not about the money for me.
This is Becky..
She's my favorite Librarian, head of the children's department. This chick has great taste in books and can always find something for my kids to read, especially when they are moaning and groaning at the prospect of reading a book. She has a fun attitude and feels like a friend in what some perceive an intimidating world of books.
This is the latest Young Reader series that Becky referred to my family. The Inkheart series by Cornelia Funke. Wow is it good, its a dark and imaginative tale. My kids and I listen to it together. The audio version of the first book, Inkheart is performed by Lynn Redgrave who does a great job. Then Inkspell is performed by Brendan Fraiser. At first I was disappointed in the change, but as he read, I began to respect his performance more and more. This is his best body of work in my humble opinion. And now we are on Inkdeath and there is another change, Allan Corduner. He performed "The Book Thief" and his voice was perfect, but I've not adjusted to this performance yet and find myself reading more than listening. I think Brendan and his amazing range of voices spoiled me.

On the Adult side of things. I've decided I'm starting a book club.

This is going to be a FUN book.. book club. For those of us who love to read for entertainment to escape reality. Also to discover great reads that aren't necessarily mainstream. It will be Bi-monthly and yes we will have a party after we finish each book. First one being JUNE 2nd. This is going to be the first book. Click on the link for Amazon.com info.
"One Thousand White Women" by Jim Fergus.

I'm not finished with it but so far, its great. Its not for the prudish. But its not X-rated either. So pick it up and let me know what you think. Get it from your local library. And if you're local mark your calendar. And if your a blogging friend, I look forward to your review.

What are you reading? What is your favorite book?

Book of Love by Peter Gabriel, Shall We Dance Soundtrack


Becky aka mom aka tata! said...

Oh, have you and the kiddos read the Fabelhaven series by Brandon Mull? It is fantastic. I may have to join your little club!!!

Jessica said...

I've heard Miss Becky got fired. or layed off. Or whatever anyone wants to call it.

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Oh my gosh - I love this post. And your book selection is an excellent one. I loved "A Thousand White Women" - and I never would have picked it up if someone hadn't recommended it to me.

My favorite book is really "I Know This Much is True" by Wally Lamb. I loved everything about that book and was hooked from the first sentence.

"The Book Thief" is really a close second, though. I recently read it as a random pick when I was loading up my Kindle and I was so glad I didn't bypass it because it was labeled for Young Readers. Awesome book.

~Mrs Sandy~ said...

Just stopping by from SITS to say hello! I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! Now I'm off to spend a little time on your blog:)
Hugs, Sandy

Rachael said...

i adore reading + books, i cannot wait to see if if my little ones do as well. my oldest, not nearly as much, but she tries!

MaryRC said...

i hope youre wrong about becky jessica that would really suck!!

Jeanette said...

You should so be a librarian. You'd love it. Marlee (my future librarian) loves the inkheart books too. And I love the idea of this book club. But am I too prudish? Hmmm... I guess it depends on the day. I hope our library has this book. It's slim pickins around here.

Jessica said...

Yeah, so since I've left my comment, I've been to the library two or three times and Miss Becky has helped me EVERY SINGLE TIME! Ok, I guess the people who spread the rumor to me were WRONG! (Good for you, right?) If you've got the book for me to borrow, I'd love to join your book club. It seems someone has already checked it out of the library and isn't due back until June 1st! I like pioneer women stories. They are always so tough!