Makeup Tip #2 - Eyes Without a Face

Alright already, you've forced me into it, my audience demands makeup tips and tricks. My friends here in Bloggerland have dropped hints more than once on my big toe about sharing makeup advice. My arm is twisted and I'm shouting "Uncle!"

I'll start with the eyes. (model, my bud Diane Boyle, former ballerina and mother of two, makeup and hair by moi)

So do you ever put eyeshadow on and it just disappears? I see this all the time when newbie models come to the set. I can tell they've put something on their lids, but its all faded and the translucent color has creased into yucky lines.

Two things girls and Adam Lambert boys - Eyeshadow Base and Quality Eyeshadow!

I use an eyeshadow base (of sorts) on every model in my chair (not to be confused with foundation on the eyes). I prefer to use two different products.

For a shiny sparkly look on firm eyelids sans wrinkles (I'm just gonna be blunt people) I like Christian Dior's Eye Show cream shadow as a base. When you apply a nice pigment over it, it really stands out and has a pretty pretty princess feel to it!

my fave 622 Undressed Beige (warm beige shimmer)

For those of us in the less firm eyelid department, I'm a fan of Benefit's Lemon aid eyeshadow base. Your pigments pop and stay on all day. Use sparingly, really there is no need to over do it, this is a less is more product.

Okay so lets talk eyeshadow. Not a fan of M.A.C. Its a waste of money IMO. Yea they have a gazillion colors, but they're crumbly and they break easily which is a total waste. While they may seem like the best price in the department store, around $14 each, I beg to differ... While in the department store I'd rather drop dough on (again) Dior's 5 Colour eye shadow palette. These run in the $55 - $60 dollar range. Not only are you spending less per color, these pigments will last you YEARS! Seriously, they glide on effortlessly and the pigments are soft and beautiful. Yeah they have the Mimi from the Drew Carey show colors too. But really, when are you going to don electric blue on your lids? Perhaps your next PTA meeting or in the morning at your job at the M.A.C counter (in which case, no offense)?

As for the drugstore, I really dig Loreal HIP for eye color. So far they've held up quite well in the kit.

Now you ask "Mary whats your personal eyemakeup regime?" Answer: "I hit my lids with a little blush and call it good."

Remember: "The first rule of makeup is THERE ARE NO RULES!" by Mary Rockwood-Crabtree

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Eyes Without a Face by Billy Idol released 1984


Tammy Howard said...

Thanks for the great tips! I will pass them along to my daughter (of the firm eyelids) as well!

Housewife Savant said...

How I lurve all things makeup!

How I loathe all things Adam Lambert.

The Dior palette in your photo has Very Similar colors to my favorite Bobbi Brown. Does that make me cool? (Answer - yes it does.) And how much do I love feeling validated? (Answer - so much.)

I AM the crepe paper eyelid woman you were thinking about when you warned us about sparkly shadow.
I AM the woman who expertly applies BB shadow and liner, only to lose it by lunchtime.

I need to git me some o' that there base.
Thanks for the tips. Keep 'em coming.
Ugly Americans are in desperate need of your expertise.

Becky aka mom aka tata! said...

WOW! I never knew such a thing as eye shadow base existed, as you probably can tell!!

Lene said...

I use blush and a little liner on the days that I am doing makeup in 2 minutes or less. It works great.

Jeanette said...

Love the tips. Could you please just move in and do my makeup everyday? That model looks gorgeous!

Janiece said...

thank you so much for sharing!!
I hate when someone gives make up "tips" that look great on a teen and make a more "mature" women look like a ...
well you know!

Miss Eve said...

So great tips Mary! I agree with you about the quality eyeshadows...I love Dior, Lancome and YSL. I also love fake eyelashes :-) It gives a dramatic look for the eye :-)

Bren's Life said...

I love when you give your advice.. I am so going to look for that lemon rub stuff & eye shadow.. Thanks so much! You are so awesomd & I think you look great totally clothed & I bet all eyes were on you!

WhisperingWriter said...

Actually, it would just be easier if you do my makeup for me. I'm AWFUL with makeup. I have no idea what I'm doing and I need help.

Manuela said...

I love your tips! So glad I "found" you!

Bahama Shores Mama said...

another item that is a must have!! I was never much of a make up girl before, but as I get older, I find I like *cough* ~NEED it.

Meanwhile, long story but your apron is supposed to be mailing out any day now. I left it with my mom when I went to visit her in New Mexico last week. I didn't get a chance to mail it while I was there so I left it with her and she just informed me yesterday she STILL hadn't mailed it.
Sorry, but it WILL be coming to you soon :)

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

OH! This is fantastic! I was using Urban Decay's Potion Primer and, while it did what it was supposed to do, it also dried out my already wrinkly eyelids so badly I had to stop using it. Lemon Aid was something I've been eyeballing, so now you've just given me permission to go buy it. As if I need permission. :)

Thanks so much!!!

Aubrey said...

I was going to make a comment about MAC...that I have been wanting to splurge on some of their items. THANKS for your tips! I think I will go with something else now! And it's good to know the Loreal HIP line is a good, affordable alternative!
I LOVE the tips!

Marcie said...

As a read this I am secretly wiping the eyeshadow out of the creases on my eyelids....

Thanks for the tips. I check your blog fairly often and I must say, "I like it, I really, really like it."

Drama queens mum said...

Her make up looks awesome.

Michaela said...

Thank you for sharing your tips!!I'm going to have to try them out (and shock my husband by actually wearing makeup again!)

Julie said...

Gotta love any product called lemon aid!