"I Love Rock n' Roll"

Well here are the results of the Rockstar Makeover Birthday party I put together for my little girl a few weeks ago. Again here are the fun invites we made together.

She actually wasn't into decorations too much and her cake was an idea we got from Jeanette's blog of her daughter's birthday. A donut cake. Easy pleasey!

I am sure parents wanna kill me for these buckets o' beauty fun. I hate play makeup, its just gross. So I ordered some real fun from E.L.F. cosmetics and hit the dollar bins at Target.

And as you can see, the future rockstars very much enjoyed getting ready for their big show. Another thing these rockstar's moms love me for is the hair teasing and blue streaks their wholesome daughters returned home with.

We topped the fun off with a little photoshoot, minus the rock outfits my mom dropped off at 9p.m. I never did get a shot of them, they're black and teal leopard print vests and skirts. Nor did I get a shot of the rocker charm bracelets they made (Oriental Trading Co.). All in all I think the girlz went home with more than they bargained for. Oh yea they also got a C.D. of my daughter's favorite rock tunes. Parent's are gonna love this one too, Joan Jett, Madonna, Selena Gomez, Paramore, Journey and some current Disney Stars too.

I Love Rock n Roll...!

I Love Rock n' Roll by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts


Bren's Life said...

How fun is that! You so Rock in throwing the best Birthday parties!!! Now that is something she'll always remember!
Are you guys going to go stay with Mike for the summer? Do you work much in CA? Or do you have to stay in Vegas to work?
Is he right by the beach? I'd be there all the time...

Janna said...

How fun!! What a great party for little girls!

Jeanette said...

Gotta love the doughnut cake. "Quick and Easy" that's my motto. Looks like a super fun party! Bet those girls loved it. You are a party thrower extraordinaire!

Jenny-Jenny said...

Looks like fun! I love giving my kids a good partay!

Housewife Savant said...

Please, please, please put me on the guest list for the next party that you host! No matter the age, the event or the theme, cuz honey; I will b-l-e-n-d like Boy George in a crowd (think chameleon).