Makeup Tip #3, Smokey Eyes without the Mess!

So when it comes to smokey eyes time after time I see almost as much smoke under the eye as on the lid. Making the poor girl look as if she has already been out all night before she stepped out of her bathroom. Well when it comes to a clean looking smokey eye, you need to take precaution. Even Oprah has advice on this... I believe Kevin Aucoin had this same advice as well.

Apply loose powder under the eye over your foundation and concealer to protect it. When your done blacking out.. swish the dirty powder away with a fan brush. My question is how many of us actually have a fan brush in our makeup bag? Here's my favorite..

 It definitely works getting the excess powder off, but if your like me and have lovely lines under your eyes, 9 times out of 10 that excess powder over-sets your concealer and then its cakey. While I don't entirely disagree with this method, (great for Halloween) I like my way better.
It's so genius, you will not believe it!

Do your eyes first!! Yes girls before foundation, before concealer, before anything. This way you can blend vigorously, go on.. make messes.. smudge away. Use a makeup wipe to clean the excess you don't want all over your face, (no black freckles please) then apply your foundation and concealer. It makes for a beautiful finished face.

No foundation under the eyeshadow, use an eyeshadow base, like I recommend here. And it can be hard to judge how much or how little to use, the first few times you may think you need more because you don't have that smooth skin palette in front of you. I never let the girl in my chair see their eyes before I've put foundation and concealer on, they cant see past the discoloration and pimples, but trust me grasshopper... Once you figure this out, your ways will be changed forever....


Manuela said...

I knew I started following you for a reason! ;) Great tip!
I'd love to watch a video showing all the details on how to make the whole smokey eye look. I just never get it right. And I love that look!

love lives in the kitchen said...

nice to meet you! thank you for visiting love lives in the kitchen! your blog is so nice :) i'll be back.
wish you a great day!

Tammy Howard said...

I'll second Manuela! I love that look and never get it right.

I'm glad the design business is going so well!

Lene said...

Such an awesome tip.

You should post your tricks for good halloween make-up.

Jeanette said...

Hey this is what I do. I guess I'm smarter than I thunk.

Sassy Chica said...

I sooo love all your shared secrets...I have avoided the smokey eye look because it made me look tired under the eyes..I now know why!!

Sassy Chica

leigh said...

I will blow away all of the other moms at my sons school when I show up with smokey eyes at 8 in the morning. Great make up tips!

Thanks for stopping by Leigh vs Laundry.

It's lovely to meet you.


Marcie said...

I tried your tip this morning. I was little freaked out by how well it worked. I wasn't going for the "smoky eyes" thing, but it just made my normal eye make-up look better. Thanks!

Nikki said...

ooooo nice!!! thanks for the tip!
I love liquid liner myself, I got a great tip when applying that to the top lid, just dot instead of trying to do a line, works wonders:)
Stopping by from SITS to say hi!


thanks for the great tips - i always feel like my make up looks like shiznit if i even bother - i'm a loser, yes i know this

and you are GORGEOUS and i hope i look that good when i am 37

wait, i'm 38. ah geezus, i'm totally screwed

Lynn said...

My advice for you, my dear is to love your youth and Never think there are any flaws ANYWHERE on or near you!
Because there aren't.

Right! The Savant Lady ROCKS!!