Hair of the Dog

(you may want to turn off the music if your kiddos are around, the song was too perfect, sorry)

Many of you have already been introduced to our family doggie Ace. Another well known fact about him is that he is one furry dude. So furry even, he's been confined to outdoor lifestyle because dog hair in the fridge, in your bed and in your clean laundry is just unacceptable.

Don't fear this is not an abused puppy, he has a backyard that is 50% shaded, sprinklers that go off a gazillion times a day for him to play in, and a huge tub of water. And we do let him in the house during the hottest parts of the day, but honestly he likes all the action outside because when inside he is confined to an easily cleaned up area.

After we returned from our trip, I was feeling guilty for his long stint outside and alone (except for his daily visit from our doggie babysitter). I've made attempts to shave down his year round winter coat with clippers from Target to cool him off during the summer. While he is cooler, he looks like he has a fur disease, my dog clipping skills beg for more experience, or better clippers since they clog up when I'm trying to cut through his sheep like coat.

I digress... back to the hot dog. I broke down and had him professionally shaved. He has a strange Mohawk down his back, his fur raises like a cat when he gets excited. We may have to rethink this style. I'm not sure he quite knows what to do with himself in this state. We think he was a little slap happy with how cool he felt.
Without all the dandelion fur he can get a little more love indoors.

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Brad and Hailey said...

What a cute dog ... hehe he looks funny shaved though :)

Housewife Savant said...

We had our long-haired cat shaved.
Normally I would've blogged about it (being somewhat cat lady-ish), but how does one begin a post about shaving one's kitty?

It was $50 well-spent.

He got a "lion cut" which left him with a ginormous head and a big poof on the end of his tail.

He took a few days to get used to it (and recover from the trauma), but soon he discovered that his ninja skills remained, PLUS he was aerodynamic, a fighting machine.

Ace's mohawk is wild.

Amen to less shedding.

Bren's Life said...

That is too funny that they gave him a mohawk! Out dog sheds like crazy too & she is strictly outdoors. Troy can't stand to have her in the house & to have hair everywhere.. She is such an awesome dog though...

Jessica said...

So is Ace embarrassed by his nakedness or does he think he's cool stuff?

Savant's cat-lion haircut is awesome though. We had that done to Hillary's cat in high school and it was fun. (I guess it's similar to a poodle haircut, now that I think about it..)

BTW I back-combed my hair for church to day. My skills are not as awesome as yours but it did give me some lift and I liked how my hair wasn't flat against the top of my head. Oh, I also straightened it (can you back-comb curly hair? yikes)

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

He looks slightly crazed in the first photo...like he is waiting for you to dye his mohawk bright blue or something. Or maybe rainbow.

Vivienne said...

You're in Nevada? You have a furry guy that needs to spend a majority of his time outside? pfft. Of COURSE give him a summer hair cut! I love that it is a mohawk too!

Tammy Howard said...

We need to make an appointment for our dog today. Thanks for the reminder.

Nazareth was my first concert. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Now you're messin' with a SOB.

Lene said...

I love that your dog has a mohawk.