Diary of a Makeup Artist #23 - Zombie

Ever get a song stuck in your head and you just wish your head would explode because that would be better than the endless loop suffering you've been enduring? Well I'm experiencing that phenomenon as we speak. All because of my illustrious career as a hair and makeup artist. A career that is turning me into a mindless zombie. I'm stumbling around and my brain is repeating the same thing over and over again, non stop.... I wish it was repeating "brains" 'brains".

Once again I am here to school you on the not so fun part of my career. It's not all lipstick and baubles girls. Not only is it hard work, its hours that are inhumanly wrong and ear torture, all in the name of the shot. That's right the un-goodly things we creatives will do to get the perfect shot. There are oh so many things we would do for that coveted image, I will now touch on a few.

Being in Vegas I am lucky enough to work on commercials and print ad campaigns for the resorts here. I was a happy crew member of a recent commercial for the Palms. I can't give away the details until the project aires, but once it does, I will be sure to post it.

Because resorts don't want to lose business due to shoots, we get the pleasure of working crazy off hours that never coincide with normal family activity. Scheduling baby sitters and sleep can be tricky to say the least. Day one our call time was 4pm and we wrapped at 2:30 am. I was in bed by 4am, back up at 7am to get the kids off to school, back in bed by 8:30 am, the dog woke me up at 10:30 am, that's when i realized that soccer uniforms for the game i was going to miss later were in the dirty clothes, so i did a load of laundry and was asleep on the couch again by 10:45, then the dog barked again, (the neighbors were doing yard work, Ace wasn't having it) but that was okay, but the wet clothes in the dryer, passed out shortly there after, until i heard the dryer, folded the clothes... back to sleep until 2pm, time to pick up the kids, do homework and zombie through until Mike came home, went to parent open house, came home for a nap (not a great one). Got ready for work at 9:30 call time was 11pm. Worked all night, did 8 different looks through out the night on our talented talent, this was a feat I tell you, yes She Works Hard for the Money... I was home by 11am. I'm starting to ramble because my clock is still off.. Mike let me sleep most of the day, now I'm tired but I'm up...

Oh and our commercial was centered around a song that we played over and over and over again. I'm still hearing that song over and over and over again, I hate this song now, its a cruel dumb dumb song... But the commercial is going to rock, with the dumb song and all..

Anyway, the Palms has been good to me, I've been lucky enough to work on a few of their national commercials, they like my work, so I'm grateful for their generosity. Here's a few past commercials I've done for them as Key Makeup and Hair..

Mouse over and click off the music real quick---->

Okay, I'm off to bed again, hope i can recoup my normal hours now and shake off the Zombieland I've been living in the last two days.

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Bren's Life said...

Whoa that is some crazy hours!! I don't know how you do it? I'd be a walking Zombie falling asleep every chance I could at work. Do you do non-stop make up the whole time or do you get breaks while they are shooting?
And is Mike back in Vegas for good now?

Jessica said...

I see what the Palsm is selling... (like they all aren't selling that...)

I noticed Zombie on the Tob's karaoke, the Jarvis's have it too. I'm always tempted to sing it, cuz I love the Cranberries, but... I doubt my Dolores imitating abilities...

They are playing at the Palms in December. Tickets just went on sale last week. I think I should go.

Tater Tot Mom said...

Those are crazy hours! The commercials look great and hopefully things will get back to normal for you!

kys said...

I couldn't handle those hours. It's a pretty cool job though.

Tammy Howard said...

Oh, the glamour of it all!