Changes - Designer Christmas Debate

Back in the days of toddler my house was oh so baby proofed. But I longed for grown up decor so much that I could sit and look at decor mags for hours on end. With each developmental stage my children achieved, I awarded myself with a breakable or two and happily discarded or gave away something made by Little Tykes or Fisher Price. The day I handed down our high chair was an oh so wonderful day. The day the toys were no longer stored in the living room was a bliss full one as well.

So naturally when Christmas came around, I gradually changed my decorations as well. We've gone through many stages.

The newlywed stage of popcorn on strings, paper chains and lots of ribbon from the dollar store.

The toddler stage of plastic ornaments and anything else that had unbreakable on the package. Which by the way, if someone made these in a more stylish fashion..... oh yea.. money.. but i don't have time so feel free..

The Pre-School and Early Elementary School stage of all Christmas decor made of construction paper, crayons and Elmer's glue.

Not that any of these stages are bad, oh no, they are all memorable and in fact I have pictures of them all. But I had always wanted a grown up tree. You know like the ones you see in Martha Stewart Living. I need one of my photographer friends to come and light my house, this point and shoot just isnt cutting it for a Christmas Magazine cover.

Well like my living room, my tree has graduated as well. Two years ago I started going designer, much to my family's dismay.

I love light blues, light greens and white, just love love it. This is actually the longest color stage I've been in. It all started with shabby chic I think.

Thanks to my BFF Rachelle who is a Christmas Tree Junkie and very proud of it, last year my tree became almost totally Designer. See she decided her white and silver Christmas tree just wasn't
working in her new dining room.. Hmmm darn..
So she so generously gave all her beautiful ornaments to me and well, now my tree just drips designer baby!

Mike says our tree needs it's color back... :( The kids agree. What??? What... are they talking about, I still allow space for Barbie and The Broncos.. That's what I mean by "almost" totally designer. And I don't put ALL of their ornaments on the back of the tree.. Just some of the left over "early elementary" ones, and besides, they're still on the tree.. I totally share the tree.

We still have remnants of Christmas Decor Past by the clock... See I'm not a total designer hog. I dunno what do you think, am I a stinky mom for going designer too soon?

And could you resist this sad poor puppy at your door saying "let me in, I promise I wont shed or stink up your house, really I'm way too innocent to do such a thing. No I haven't been rolling in the dirt, I'm so clean you could eat off my back." I believe him all the time, and still have to sweep up a pile of dirt every-time he goes back outside.

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Mommakin said...

Oh, that is so pretty. My eldest just expressed interest in going more designer. (I told her she was welcome to finance it)

MiMi said...

That's a beautiful tree! You're not a stinky mom...and the dog isn't stinky either! He's cute!

Tater Tot Mom said...

Your tree is just beautiful! I'm definitely partial to your color scheme though as it's so close to what I chose this year too! I love white and silver and a little blue! It reminds me of icicle covered trees.

I say, go designer whenever you feel like it! I say get a little tree to put all the "other" ornaments on...it's like a nostalgia tree.

kys said...

It's pretty! We do a designer tree upstairs and a hodge-podge tree downstairs.

Rey and Meegan said...

I am loving the snowflakes falling down! What a great touch to your post! And gorgeous tree! I am glad you are having fun with it. Every mom needs to after being patient for so long ;)

Lene said...

My tree is a total kids tree. Tonight as we were decorating it I told hubby I would love to have a second tree for me. Let's just say I don't see it happening anytime soon.

And I could not resist that face n

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

Mary, what a magical decoration!i love the pics and that puppy is so cute!.
Your tree is great,and the ormaments are fairy!
Have a happy start to the Xmas season!
hugs hugs

Anonymous said...

I digg it all. So beautiful! I also like the snowfall on your page. At least I think that's what I'm seeing. :0)

Menopausal New Mom said...

Your tree is gorgeous! I'm at the baby proof stage now. I had grown up trees for years before she came along but I'm happy to let that go, at least for now!

WhisperingWriter said...

What a pretty tree!

Sassy Chica said...

A mamma's got to do what a mamma's got to do, then when you want to upgrade and get a chic tree, the sticker price may shock you..hold off until after christmas buy decor 50-75% off and start new next year!

Sassy Chica

Design it Chic said...

Mary I didn't have time to play along, but i so thank you for your kind award! I displayed it nicely on my blog! Thanks a bunch and your tree looks nice! Ooo maybe you can roll with us today:)


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

A grown up tree~! I love it. You are inspiring me to go all out this year with decorating my tree. I totally FAILED last year. The poor tree sat undecorated in my family room for a week. It did have lights though.

I love the face the pooch is making. So innocent. Such false advertising, too.

Beautiful tree! Enjoy your holidays.

otin said...

I think it looks terrific! I am also a huge Black Sabbath fan, and that changes remake duet is awesome! I actually have the original version on my music player.

Miss Eve said...

Your tree is beautiful Mary! And your dog is so lovely...:-)

Cheers: Evi

blueviolet said...

I found you through MiMi and what a beautiful tree you have!

I have always wanted a grownup tree too! I can do it now but I still haven't, lol

Housewife Savant said...

You are TOTALLY shareful.

[I'm here to help you look good.]

I never put up the kids' stuff. or kid-proof a tree
I tree-proofed my kids.

Lovely tree!

Janiece said...