diary of a makeup artist #17, Go your own way

Client: Ronny Knight (photographer) Assignment: UFC Gyms Advertising

So initially the job was a two day gig, then we found out our location (UFC Reality Show Set) was only available one day. So we had to cram two days of work into one. 7am~2am was the schedule. 24 talent FULL makeup and hair (two hair changes for 12 girls)~ "Long day?" you say... Uh ya I say. I've worked with the UFC before, and frequently in this location. So after I warned the crew to sanitize and wash your hands frequently, (ring worm in rampant among these dudes) I set to work. Think I have a glamorous job now?

All in all it was a good day, the producer planned things well and fed us well, my only issue was "All the freakin so called"makeup artists" on the set!" I've never been on a job where so many people claimed they were makeup artists. When in fact, I knew they had no idea what the crap they were talking about. But 3 of the 4 (only one was legit and respectful) made sure the photographer (my client) knew they were "makeup artists"! What the freak! Go get your own client, get off my wave, get outta here and go your own way! What do I have to do? Pee on his leg and mark my territory! Sheesh.

One had been to makeup school (Joe Blasco and speaking very loud about it) but never followed through afterwards, she wanted to instruct me on how to apply her makeup. I finally stopped being nice and said "I know what I'm doing, I've been hired for my skills (not yours), and the lipstick you've put on is way too orange."

Number two had a daughter there as a model and was telling anyone who would listen that she was a makeup artist. At least she did it when I wasn't in ear shot, but the producer heard it and warned me.

Number three is a former makeup artist in town who I must say was very respectful. Didn't complain, didn't tell anyone anything. She is now a master yoga instructor and has left the makeup world behind. Good girl!

Lastly we had PB's Playmate Dec. 2009 who brought a friend who was her "personal hair and makeup artist" and she was pushing her on anyone and everyone. And so called hair and makeup artist was offering her business card, sooo not cool.

These scenarios are very common in my market. Its very hard to be a freelance makeup artist, it's a very cut throat business. We are a very territorial breed and willing to fight for what we have achieved. I have to admit, there really was no threat at the gym that day, the professionals who hire me know the difference between wanna be makeup artists and the real thing. I can tell you many many more stories of this vein over the last 10 years.

I'd be willing to step into the Octagon with anyone who ever threatened my business again. I've been there before and I'm still here and the other artist is not! If you're trying to be a freelance makeup or hair artist, do yourself a favor, respect those in your field who's position you would like to be in someday. They are more likely to give you work than the client your trying to steal. Trust will get you farther than being shady. Now I have to go to all my working makeup artist friends and warn them of these girls, and none of us are ever going to invite them to help us on jobs. Ya I wrote all their names down. They are officially on the "Black List". My Advice: Pay your dues and "Go your own way"!

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