Manic Monday Mingle -Week Two

I just love my screen capture face again. Really You Tube, can you find a more flattering shot next week, thank you.

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Visit 80 MPH Mom and join the mingle. I totally didnt get the finger tapping question. pinky to pointer...

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Manic Monday by the Bangles


Jessica B said...

You are sooooo funny. I thoroughly enjoy watching you talk into your computer to all of us.

No skinny dipping???? No streaking??? EVER??? We should remedy that.

Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

HA HA streaking and skinny dipping are fun. Very freeing! LOL

Yes on the family, so important, they have magical conversations.

LMAO on the hearing! You crack me up.
Seriously stuffing is either good or bad...such a bummer!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Ok, I think I am going to have to give this Monday Mingle thing a try! I love pumpkin pie too ;)

Have a great week!

Andrea Proulx said...

I was thinking I'd love to invite Stephanie Meyer too. There is something undeniably cool about her. But I don't know if it's gone to her head yet.

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

You are so fun to watch - you make me giggle. I loved your apology to the 7'9 women out there LOL.

Maybe I should pretend I don't hear so well -that could come in handy sometimes.

I agree on the stuffing! Nothing worse than putting a heaping spoonful on your plate only to have it be yucky.

Thanks for mingling again!

The Mommy-Files said...

Happy Monday! I totally didn't get the finger tapping thing either - lol! I'm glad I'm not alone :) Stuffing is good if it's done right, that's for sure!

Happy Monday!

Tater Tot Mom said...

Bad stuffing is really horrible! But pumpkin pie is always great as long as there's lots of Cool Whip!

Tammy Howard said...

I have never streaked nor skinny-dipped either - not even when to do so would NOT have frightened the masses... I almost went skinny-dipping once, but that's another story for another day. Bottom line remains - never actually did it.

I like stuffing and pumpkin pie, too. Maybe that's why I wouldn't look so good skinny dipping anymore...

kys said...

Negative on the skinny dipping and streaking here. I think I would go for the sensitive hearing since I'm losing mine - It might be nice to be able to eavesdrop again.

Janiece said...

cute idea...and I love seeing you talk to "me".

by the way...
never have done the streaking or skinny dipping...was to afraid someone might see me!

Rob said...

Great Monday Mingle. That was funny that you didn't understand the finger tapping question because my wife said she didn't either. See you next week.

Annie said...

Abe Lincoln is a great choice, there is so much I have to ask him! I admire him so very much!

Your mingle was so much fun! You are too cute and funny!

Everyone thought the finger tapping question was strange...it was funny to hear all the responses.

I agree, a 7'9 girl would be AWFUL!

I have never heard of a Turkey Bobby sandwich....but I agree that stuffing can be AWFUL! Oh yes, pumpkin pie is the best!!

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

You are too funny. Good reason for not wanting bionic hearing, I didn't think about that!

Kimberly said...

Done the skinny dipping. Many moons ago! I can't remember streaking, but I was a lifeguard at a camp, so it is possible that I did it. We did all kinds of things I can never tell me children.

My hearing is really not what it used to be either. Maybe it was all those darn concerts. Sometimes I make up stuff that my children "may have" said. They think it is so funny.

Lauren said...

You're too funny! Sorry I didn't make it around last week...I was a slacker. But I'm here now! And totally loving your blog!
Oh your comment on me being a peeker, LOL! No, I just happen to just be in the area when the events take place. There's usually a "Spring Semester Streak" at the college I went to, so yeah.
Totally with you on the x-ray vision bit!
Oh yes stuffing...I agree. Good stuffing is SO GOOD, but bad stuffing can totally be a meal-ruiner. And pie. Mmmm...love me some pie!
So glad you've been joining us! See you next week!

JamericanSpice said...

I'm here. I'm late but here.

No skinny or streaking here either. I'm totally boring. Sigh.

I'll be making Thanksgiving dinner this year. I'm totally freaked out because I so don't want to make bad stuffing! And I've had some Good stuffing that makes me want to sell it!

Great seeing your glowing face again.

Enjoy the weekend!