New Moon Report!

Well Thursday was a crazy crazy day. I had a shoot that morning with Luxury for a new fashion spread for spring. Photographer Available - set, Makeup and Hair Available - set, Major Resort Location - set, Thousands of dollars in 2010 spring fashion - set, Gorgeous Tan blond Model - ........ Uh no pale girl with jet black hair was more like it. Yeah, our model decided to go goth before the shoot.. Go figure :) This has Diary of a Makeup Artist written all over it! Shoot - canceled and rescheduled.

Was I furious? Not so much. The NM Party was later that evening and this freed me up to prepare. Rachelle and I hooked up and went shopping for snacks and T-Shirts for her daughter and her friend. What a site Hot Topic was (Goth Model's favorite place to shop I'm sure) it was packed full of Moms, Cougs and Grandmas buying up the Twilight franchise (no teens they were all in school putting on good student faces because the following day half of them would be asleep in class). One can't help but giggle while digging through piles of Edward garb. I bet Twilight lingerie would sell like hot cakes. I didn't purchase a thing, I feel I must hold back since my contribution to the Stephenie Meyer is grandiose enough without Edward's eyes across my breasts. I resist the Twi-Hard card.

We arrived at the theatre later that evening and walked right past the Twi-Hards. I swear the back of my neck was singed by wishful death rays from the line.

We did a quick and easy set up in the party room, confirmed the number of Twilighters in our party (grand total was 56, can you believe that?) and then went to check the theater to approve our reserved seating. Oh we APPROVE!!

For me this was a spectacle. I had to show all my friends all night. We'd saunter into the theatre and gasp at the number of reserved empty seats among the Twi-Hards who had waited for hours in line for a good seat and then sat in said seats until the movie started 3 hours later. I heard plenty of Mary Crabtree bad mouthing going on when I would show another friend the site.

I forgot my phone in Boulder City, so I was sort of spastic and useless (I was waiting for people who didnt have their tickets and had no way to get a hold of me), thank goodness Rachelle was using her organizing skills to manage the party and stay awake. The evening was filled with card games, goofy teens, caffeinated beverages and great friends. How was the movie? I'll save that for Monday Mingle :)

This video is for anyone who knows anything about Twilight and wants to laugh your arse off! I'm really digging The Key of Awesome. Whispering Writer would appreciate this one..

and this older one too in honor of all Twi Hards.. This was by far my favorite.. Andie Rocks!

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Cairo Typ0 said...

Hi stopping by from SITS! :)

I'm so jealous you've seen the movie. Hubby says he'll take me this weekend but i'm not holding my breath. The reserved seating? Very, very cool!

Kimmy C said...

I am such a fan of the books and was very disappointed with the first movie, but I think the second made up for that!!!

-- Stopping by from SITS.

MiMi said...

Okay, so did you notice then that everytime kstew was really close up with either Jacob or Edward that her eyes were practically crossed and she looked slightly touched?? I loved those parts. Kstew has gotta be punched in the neck. Was that too much?

Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

YES WOMAN! I went! Loved the experience. So much fun! I am a Twi-Head for the books and hey the movie is great fun to see the books come to life!

Did I miss your feed BTW? I so need you in my reader...LOL I fail!

Anonymous said...

Whoa - that was some party you had, Mary RC! You sure live a glam life. You won't hear any Mary Crabtree badmouthing over here.

kys said...

I went to see New Moon with my babysitter and a passel of her squeeing friends. I'm sure you had a better time!