Random (Tuesday's Gone) Thoughts

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First Timer here... I've seen lots of my blogger buds participate in this meme, figure I'll give it a go.

My outside garbage can is missing again. There must be a garbage burglar that sweeps away my beloved can once a year. Maybe I'll catch the said person. I spray painted the crap out of that thing, it HAS to be somewhere around here. The sad thing is it will take me 8 months to replace it if I don't find it.

Health Care Insurance is out of control in this country. My family pays monthly fees that add up to thousands of dollars every year (which is less than half of our actual premium) and we are still considered under-insured by the Nevada Health District. A simple physical isn't even covered????

I'm waiting for Hollywood to put out another film like Forrest Gump. I love feel good epics, not to mention Robert Zemekis.

I cant seem to finish a book lately. I'm invested in the following: A Good Earth, The Host, Great Expectations, Wheel of Time, and some Nora Roberts book I cant remember the name of..

Sleeping is over rated... I wish..

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I am Harriet said...

I'm waiting for a good movie too. The kind that is worth the price of a ticket.

Have a great RTT

Tammy Howard said...

I can't seem to finish a book, either. Too distracted by the internet!!!


paranormal state was awesome


and i hate health care insurance etc too b/c i don't have any!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Health insurance costs so much, and yet covers so little. In other words, it sucks! :)

Wonder if you'll catch the garbage can burglar - obviously the economy is in a sad state if people are resorting to stealing used garbage cans...

Happy RTT! :)

RW @ TrueBeauty said...

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!!

A trash can burglar??? Wow, If someone got a hold of mine, they would definitely return it! As of this morning (our trash day) it smelled horrendous as I hauled it down the driveway :)

Have a good day!

kys said...

I can't finish a book either. I'm reading too many blogs. Need sleep.

otin said...

I write a bunch of stories, but hate reading! Go figure!

I also love Zemeckis films! To anyone who thought CastAway sucked, I always say that any movie that can make you have emotions for a volleyball, has to be a good movie!

Anonymous said...

I agree - I'd love another Forrest Gump movie. I've also got books lying around to finish reading. Sleeping - need more!

WhisperingWriter said...

I LOVED Forrest Gump too. Fantastic movie.