Sunday Morning (Grateful)

Well so much for my meme week. Its feast or famine time again. I'll give it another go. You saw alot of me the last few weeks and now I must go away for 7 days. Yes I am grateful, this weeks gig is a Cure for Cancer week. So you bet I will be counting my blessings for 7 days. Also, looking forward to Thursday night... HOLLA... I'm gonna be totally useless for work on Friday, hope our call time isnt ridic! Oh well a Twi-firm's (not Twi-Hard) gotta do what a Twi-firm's gotta do. There will be pictures for sure, cant wait to share and wish you were all there.

I'm going to copy Cara and Jenn at Momentum of Motherhood's Sunday Grateful... I figure I'd better start now.

1. Mike was home for 5 days this week. Hence the screeching halt on blogging.
2. 2 kids who's smiles make it all worth it.
3. My Primary class and the plastic jewelry accessories they give me, makes dressing up for church a breeze.
4. The Gospel of Jesus Christ
5. Friends.. old, new and cyber.
6. Books
7. Soccer season is over.
8. Employment
9. Upcoming Holidays
10. Heros (I so dig this show)

How much you wanna bet this list will get better by the end of the week.
What are you grateful for today?

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Mammatalk said...

I am grateful for my hubby's big, warm smile....and that same smile which was passed down to both my daughters!

Lene said...

I am thankful for modern medicine and the miracle that my sister is because of it.

The Mommy-Files said...

These are some great things to be grateful for! Happy Sunday (now Monday)!

kys said...

Today is Monday and I'm grateful that you are going to beautify my blog. Yesterday I was grateful that my kids went to the neighbors house for an hour.

Janiece said...

I am so grateful for modern medicine...and technology.
I am alive because of one.
and I am happy because of the other...each time I see my daughter's face on the computer talking to me...I am so grateful.

Lene, I just saw your comment...I love you...you made me cry...great...I love you

Marcie said...

Love the Primary class jewelry comment. That just cracks me up.

Becky aka mom aka tata! said...

I am WAY behind in blogging but you need to know how grateful your Primary class is for you!!! I know two little girls that are going to miss you terribly in January!