Here Comes the Sun - SPT repeat..

Wow it has been gloomy and rainy here in Sin City Vicinity. We did get a peek of the sun today, so I shouldn't complain. I decided to repeat today with this post from June of 2008. SPT (Self Portrait Tuesday) was the meme that helped me launch into blogger hood. I made some awesome friends from SPT, but I dont really SPT any more. Well it's Tuesday, so.... why not, plus I'm in the mood for some Beatles.

Well this is my first time participating with SPT. I've been reading my buddy Jeanette's blogs and really dig the idea. So this weeks topic is "SUN" one of my favorite topics..
What can I say about the sun other than he is my friend. I was born in Needles CA one of the hottest places in the country, where the sun shines 98% of the time. I was raised in Arizona where it only shines a little less. I guess you can say I am a product of my environment. I do not think I even realized he was a part of my life, I had no idea what a good friend the sun was to me until I moved away from him.
I spent a brief stint in the 1990's in St. Louis, MO, 1 year, 5 months 2 weeks and 3 days to be exact. And as much as I missed my family and friends, I missed the sun more. It hid behind oogles of weather conditions on a constant basis. I would get so angry at the weather man when he would say, "Tomorrow there will be chances of Partly Sunny conditions at 12:03 p.m." Oh how, I wanted reach into the sky and part the clouds to see my yellow friend.
At first I didn't understand my depression. I simply did not know how to function without the sun. Where I came from, when it rained you stayed inside because it flooded, it never snowed so I didn't know how to drive on icy roads, and fog.. huh?? So basically, I stayed indoors alot because of my lack of weather skills.

Upon our return to the southwest, Las Vegas to be exact, I learned to appreciate the sunny days and clear blue skies. I am a much happier being with sunshine in my life. Even when it is cold in the southwest, the sun still shines. I am a big believer in forever friendships and I hope I will never again part with my good friend "the sun".
Gina, Nicole and Me basking in the sun at Big Surf, 1990.
"Here Comes the Sun" Cirque de Soliel number from LOVE my favorite!

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Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

Love the sun and that song!
Here comes the sun...

Lene said...

I love the sun and it's warmth. I grew up where the skies were cloudy from Halloween until Easter. It was so gloomy and depressing. Now being back in the sunny southwest I am so much happier.

MiMi said...

Being from Oregon, lord of Mostly Cloudy weather reports, I would probably die if I saw the sun that much. :)

Marcie said...

Loving the Beatles!