Diary of a Makeup Artist #27 "That's What I Think"

"Sometimes I think
Things are overwhelming
Sometimes I think
I don't know what I'll do
But I forget the world
And everything around me
That's what I think
When I think about you"

You know what I think?  I think today was an overwhelming roller coaster.  My mood and emotions were like a crazy lady.  Sometimes I just wanna quit my job.  I envy SAHMoms with the Grinchiest Green in the crayola box.

I was so happy I had a gig with my Vegas Vanity girls when I woke up bright and early.  Not only to hang out with two of my favorite people, but to get paid to do it....  OH YEA!  That's the way work should be everyday.

Then a friend called me in distress and I really felt bad for her, I gave her a pep-talk to help her through her day, it was going to be tough one for her.  She is an amazing talented Vanity in the biz, she just needed a little reminder, and I was honored to do so.

I got to the set and my mood was back on top with a yummy breakfast with Song and BJ, just to be in their company and energy again picked up my spirits.

As the day progressed things started to get tense in the Vanity room, time was crunchin and a wig I had prepared last night wasn't going to work out for the talent, his beard didn't match.  I had a back up wig but that meant I had to find time to ready 6 hair do's and build a bushy mustache AND prep another wig without throwing off the production schedule.  See, I thought I was ahead of the game now I was behind.  Ugh!  This wouldn't have happened if I had on insisted on seeing talent shots.    I was way too nonchalant about the whole thing.

Then a particular local talent who doesn't get along, (well with most people actually) with one of my sister-friend's bounced into the room and the bickering began.  So I mustered up my patience, put on a smiley face and put the guy in my chair to save my girl from misery.  (See we do this for each other, she saved me from the moaning actress, who acted like she was having an orgasm every time I touched her with a brush.  eew)

By the time I was finished with him, my paitence and nicey face reserve was depleted.  Then I move on to another talent who is being WAY to opinionated with one of my girls about the bows in her hair, (she had always been very sweet in the past).  I tried to take over once again.  Got some bigger bows, started to work and play with them to see what might work with her costume, and every time I'd try something she'd make a judgmental noise  eeeeehhhhhhh!   ssssssssssss!    uuhmmmmmummmm!  I snapped and the nice makeup artist disappeared and Scary Mary surfaced.
"Stop it!  Stop with your opinion already!"  I said in an I'm kidding, but not really voice.
"What opinion?  I didn't say anything."  She replied innocently.
"Whatever!  I have a room full of art directors, directors and clients with opinions that matter, so stop with the noises.  I don't care what you think.  You're not being paid for you opinion."  I said rather harshly.
"I didn't say a thing." She repeated in a princess voice.
After I got over it, I felt bad for being such a witch.

Lunch arrived, and once again just sitting with my girls, laughing and reorganizing our efforts to get through the day, had us smiling again.  I switched to the photoshoot of the production (which one of the girls was happy to exchange) that was in a separate part of the studio.  Low and behold some of my old colleagues were there and the old banter and humor began.  I was in my element, I was a happy girl,  they like me I like them, I could do no wrong the rest of this day is gonna be cake...

My phone vibrates, I see its my monkey boy whom I've been parenting via text message all day, but this time it was a phone call.  He'd ridden his bike across BC to a friend's house to work on a science project. 
"Mom, I just got hit by a car!" he says shakily.
My heart sinks, my head falls into my hands and I hate myself for being at work instantly..
I search for my sanity and say "Are you hurt?" 
"No, I'm okay.  A little old lady hit my back tire.  I'm kinda freaked out and I'm alone now."
"I'm so sorry I'm not there buddy..."  my day that had been saved over and over finally just turned into the biggest pile of crap that it had been insisting on me...  I was there for my friends and they were there for me, but where was I for my son...  See making this job and family grow together aint a bunch of roses..

He gave me details, he was in a cross walk, at a major 4 way stop, the 77 year old driver who was at a stop didn't see him and went anyway, he swerved out of her way (thank goodness he WAS riding his bike) but she still caught his tire.  Although it didnt knock him over, it was enough force for is foot to break the pedal on his bike (which his dad had just repaired admittedly).  He was freaked and kept going, he thought it was his fault.  The lady and a witness chased him down to make sure he was okay.  He just wanted to be home and I wasn't there dammit!

I left the set..  the girls covered (of course, thats what we do)...   the only thing I wanted in the whole wide world was this... --> 

I have so much to be grateful for.  It could have been so much worse.  Thank you Heavenly Father for protecting him I am indeed humbled and thankful for showing our family kindness today.

"Baby life goes on, That's what people say
But I'm nowhere If you go away
I'd just be looking For a brighter day"

post signatureThat's What I Think by Cyndi Lauper
(mine and monkey boy's song, we would dance around the house to this song when he was a baby and toddler)


Kimberly said...

Warm hugs are coming your way darling. It seems like you need it!


Marcie said...

Oh no! I am so glad that your boy is OK, but still, that makes me sick to my stomach. What an awful day. Know that I'm thinking of you, and wishing for a brighter tomorrow.

T. Anne said...

Oh dear. I'm so glad you made your way back to him. Big hug.

Lene said...

What a crappy day. I am so glad you little one is okay.

MiMi said...

Oh no, I'm sending you a HUGE HUG!!
And your baby! Hugging him too, thatnk GOD he's okay.
And, I'm mentally slapping moaning actress (because that's just gross) and the opinionated "talent."
By the way...what's BC?? My inlaws live in Vegas and were JUST there! Why didn't I realize you live there???

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I felt like I was on that roller coaster with you~! So glad he was okay. Why is it the near misses are no unnerving? My daughter has fallen off a horse and had the horse land ON her. Like your son, shaken but fine, but I was the one with flashbacks. I sometimes wonder how my mom made it to all my brothers being 18 without her hair turning gray!! Big hugs to both of you.

Tater Tot Mom said...

I'm so glad that he's okay. Sounds like you had one helluva day but getting to do what your doing in that picture I'm sure made things all better. :) Hugs to both of you!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear it your boy is okay! *hugs* to you.

Kimberly said...

I have an award for you!

Janiece said...

So glad that son is ok...
why is it when things are looking pretty bad, tht something remindes us that it is not bad at all????

Only the best

kys said...

What a relief that he is ok! Love the sweet picture.

WhisperingWriter said...

Oh my gosh, I am so glad he's okay.

Jessica B said...

Oh, how awful!!! Poor kiddo (and mom!) Thank goodness for cell phones.

Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

Hugs across the computer my friend...you are and were there that is what matters now! So so so glad he is okay. To cheer you up...I will gladly trade you jobs. ;)

Miss Eve said...

Oh I'm so glad your son is ok! That's what only matters after a hard day...

Have a great weekend dear Mary, cheers: Evi

Bren's Life said...

Man- I am so sorry that happened.. I'm sorry for you and for him. But I'm glad he wasn't hurt. Thank heaven for that..

melody said...

Eekk!! When was this? Last Wednesday? I must call. When it's not the middle of the night.

Lynn said...

Hey, Girl! My granddaughter wants to br a make-up artist. I am sending her your blog!

a pina colada said...

There are so many ruff days as a parent! But so many rewarding days too! Love that you are a make-up artist! I'm jealous! :)