Diary of a Makeup Artist #30 Fashion (homework)

Working on Luxury's Spring Fashion Editorial tomorrow, I've been scouring the Spring Ready to Wear Fashion Week's runways for inspiration.  This first look I found is Ginvenchy.  I love the bleached eye brows and the minimal makeup, this was a super popular trend, Ginvenchy pulled it off best IMO.  But I dont think its suitable for my client's demographic.  But I do love it..
This is from Versace, This beachy hair seems to be all the rave on the runways again. And I LOVE the purple eyeshadow, I have nothing like this in my portfolio. 
BUT I question the look on our model.  She has really dark brown hair. In fact here she is.

None of the models in this show were of these features, all had very soft coloring.  Actually now that I think about it,  being an ethnic looking model this season probably meant you didnt work much runway, it was all about the caucasian girl.

My ultimate fave is the Christian Dior look, no surprise here, I am a Dior Addict.  I love the starlet feel.
Here is a Dolce and Gabanna look.  I think somewhere between these two is where I'm leaning, I love the soft and unkempt eyebrows, and this red lip trend had me at hello.  Now its just a matter of the fashion I have to work around...  wish me luck!

Fashion by David Bowie


Jeanette said...

Hey, Marlee is set to go with the eyebrows. She doesn't even need to bleach hers. But I don't know about the messy eyebrows. They might be a little too fashion forward for me. And red lipstick makes me look awful, but I love it on others.
Good luck to you! I know whatever you decide will be great!

Bren's Life said...

Cool- I would look terrible with bleached eyebrows. They are already blonde enough

MiMi said...

Those bleached eyebrows look funny! I'm so unsophisticated, huh? :/

Anonymous said...

Wishing you much luck! I'm partial to the Starlet look, too. Although the last one I like a lot.

Miss Eve said...

Just stopping by and wishing you a Happy Valentines Day!

Much love: Evi

ps. Love those make up inspirations!

Marcie said...

I loved red lipstick when I was young. Eighteen years later, I don't think it would work out so well...

Robinsgothealth.com said...

Mary, I nominated you for a "beautiful blog" award! You can jump over to my blog to redeem or you can just know that you have a beautiful web site that I believe all women need to read!

Yours in Health, Robin

Tracie said...

I used to wear red lipstick all the time way back when. I had platinum blonde hair too if you can imagine.