Makeup Tip #5 Hard Habit to Break

Remember all those awesome Runway Looks I told you about. Boy did I have fun doing them on this beautiful flawless model. She looked amazing. Actually, she'd look amazing in a gunny sack..

Now that it has hit the stands, I can share the Spring Fashion Shoot with you via Luxury Las Vegas Magazine.

These were my faves of the bunch.  Now I you know you all wanna go out and buy orange eyeshadow and tomato red lipstick for spring right?  Just kidding.

I myself find breaking the makeup routine difficult.  Especially as I age.  Yesterday, we were going out on a date, so I decided to try a new makeup look on myself.  I used a product on my eyelids that I love to use at work and never use at home.  It was a disaster, it looked aweful.  Now tell me why is it I have trouble with makeup???  I'll tell you..  My face isnt young and flawless anymore.  In fact I have very crepe-y eyelids, due to a bout with psoriasis in 2000 that was all over my eyelids and underneath my eyes.  The only thing that made it go away was a cream that thinned out my skin so badly, I have 80 year old eyelids.  I've managed to find products that don't accentuate the wrinkles.  But Ugh! It sux..   Anyway I digress..

My point is, perhaps the same old same old isnt so bad.  I decided to continue to live by my 5 minute rule.  "If you can slap it on in 5 minutes and feel good about yourself, then you've done a great makeup."  So what if you like your blue eyeshadow from the 80's, if you carry well... you go gurl..

So I'll pass on the orange eyeshadow this season, I might consider the lipstick.  However the foundation, loose powder, blush mascara routine I've been doing since 1990 will stay with me for now...

See even I cant break the makeup habit..   Have you changed your makeup routine lately?
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Design it Chic said...

I have been experimenting a few times for occasions and such but on everyday basis i still like my "natural look" routine best! Especially since now I've found this mouse foundation that feels so light on my face:) love it!
Happy Monday and here's my post today!

Housewife Savant said...

I have crepey skin too. Ugh. Crappy.
I've tried expensive eye creams and found that the only difference was that I had less money.
And Bare Minerals stick to goo. Lovely.
Lipstick BLEEDS on me. WTHell did THAT happen?
Meh - I look like crap in lipcolor anyway.
(Do you get the feeling we could SO get together and blab, blab, blab? Oh yea.)
I changed my routine recently, BECAUSE I'M CHEAP.
And it's not successful.
I've got to nip that proverbial bud and restock my Bobbi Brown browns, stat.

Anonymous said...

Blog looks great Mary!

Christie Moeller said...

Blog looks Great Mary..that last comment was me...I didn't want to be anonymous! LOL

blueviolet said...

I didn't even wear any last week because I was so stinkin' busy!

Lynn said...

When I was working, if I couldn't put it on while driving to school, I didn't use it! Third graders aren't particular about how their teacher looks, however.

Jessica B said...

So I stopped by a friend's house today and she was wearing orange eyeshadow. I'm not even kidding! It looked fine on her, but I'm sure I don't have the coloring for it. (I'm still waiting for those tips on buying the right red lipstick!) I had a teacher in high school that wore orange lipstick. It was slightly scary. Then one day she switched to fuschia. I couldn't decide which was worse...

I dig the flames coming out of the model's curvy-ness. Nice placement!

Missed you Saturday night!

Tracie said...

I'm a creature of habit when it comes to makeup. I did buy some new Benefit products at Sephora on Monday. I like them but I don't know if I'll use them every day.