Uprising (this post has nothing to do with an UPrising its more of an UPdate)

My blogging has totally been lacking substance lately.  It's all oooh look at me,  see what I can do, tell me how cool I am etc..  Life is busy and blogging should really be taking a back seat, but seriously who can resist? I know you feel me. It's Mike's birthday tomorrow and the house is dirty, the kitchen is empty and I have zero clue as to what to get him.  My kids feel the same, my daughter said "Well we can get him shoes again." my response was, "He just got some for Christmas."  Yes, my practical husband is a bear to buy for.  He is so stinking practical it takes all the fun out of gift giving sometimes.  Me however, in an effort to try to be at his humble level will say "Oh I dont want anything, unless you want to buy me a 46 inch flat screen t.v. and there's also a list of books by my bed, or....."  you get the drift.  There is always something I want.

I do have much to be Thankful Thursday for (is there a meme called this so I can go Mr. Linky somewhere?).  Work is VERY good.  I knew it would be, I could feel it in my bones.  I don't know how I knew, I just knew.  But it keeps me from blogging.  BTW anyone know of a good blackberry app that is good for blogging?  I can read but I cant comment, drives me nuts.

Kid's are good, healthy, no H1N1, knock on wood.  I hope our luck holds out.

Just read two GREAT books.  The Hunger Games and Catching Fire...  (what is it with me and YA lit?) If you haven't read... ooooh   you must my child... you must!!  This song by Muse reminds me of my Hunger Games journey.  What can I say its all I had today..

2010's Goal #2 is complete visit my dentist's new Rockin website at www.bdgnv.com.  Now on to goal #3, which was originally #1 but I've bumped it twice.  I'm so tempted to bump it again...  ugh..

My blogger friends still dig me (I think), although I'm guessing some of you have noticed  that I havent been around much and thus reciprocating the absence.  Not that I'VE noticed. My mother taught me the art of guilt well.

Sweet Jeanette
Sweet JeanetteA few weeks ago I received this package in the mail from Sweet Jeanette.  She had a giveaway and I was a lucky recipient of this treasure.  Meet Hope!  My daughter tried to steal her from me already.  I thought she would fit right in with my Christmas Angel collection.  They're only out during the season because if people see them during the year they say "Hey, you collect angels? I think I'll buy you 20 from the dollar store."  (this happened with frogs once, still makes me shudder) It's not like that, theyre something I inherited from my great grandmother and my kids have added to it a bit.  Anyway Hope isnt packed away with the other angles.  She had taken up residence at the end of my hallway on a door. She really fits right in and I think of Sweet Jeanette and her generosity every time I see her.  She also reminds me to blog (not that i need reminding, because it keeps me awake at night, or fills my daydreams)  If you havent discovered Jeanette, dicsover her now.  She is a crafty chick, with cute ideas and her Freezer Foods Friday is Sweet!  Oh and her BLOG ROCKS! Not that I'm biased or anything.

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MiMi said...

Congrats on winning! So cute.
You are a good bloggy friend!

Marcie said...

I'm glad things are going well for you. With your talent, I'm not surprised.

Good luck with your gift for Mike. I NEVER know what to get Ryan. His desires range into the amounts of money that I will never have. Usually he is stuck with a candy bar and Dr. Pepper from the kids. If he is really lucky, he may get a bag of jerky...

Lene said...

Funny David is getting shoes for his birthday tomorrow.

free font said...

I agree with you ^^!

Mommakin said...

So glad work is going well!

Get the hubs those cool KISS shoes...

sweetjeanette said...

Hey Mary! Such sweet things you say!!! I'm glad you're enjoying "Hope"! btw, I make my angels with no faces...not because I'm Amish or anything (which would be strange, seeing how I'm using a computer with electricity and all...) but there is no face, to show no judgement, no vanity...only grace.