diary of a Makeup artist #32-you are so beautiful

Time and time again when people learn that I am a professional makeup artist, they ask for advice on their personal daily routine.  I must admit, I am always reluctant to advise on day to day makeup.  You all know I dove tail this conversation into my famous Mary RC quote "If you can slap it on in less than 5 minutes and feel good about yourself, you've done the perfect makeup."  Or when asked for specific rules to makeup application my standard answer is "There is only one makeup rule... There are no rules."

It's not because I'm lazy, or I think the person is unworthy of my advice, its because I feel I am unworthy to have an opinion about a persons self esteem.  Because lets face it, if I felt comfortable with my naked face, I wouldn't wear a stitch of makeup how bout you?  So if someone wears makeup I assume they're trying to enhance their self esteem.  Absolutly nothing wrong with that, I do the same myself.  I am not an expert when it comes to a person's psyche.  Now if you want to look a certain way in front of a camera, call me, I can help.

See the makeup I do is for camera and not for every day application and natural beauty.  I must admit I am a contributor to how skewed our perception of beauty is.  Heck, my perception is skewed.  I look at models like Barbie Dolls, play things, not like real people.  It's normal in the industry world, but in everyday life, its just wrong.  I get that.

Camera makeup and everyday makeup are two totally different animals.  I would even go so far as to say that what I do is unrealistic.  Not only do  I make beautiful faces, I pay very close attention to every detail in the application.  A quick makeup for me is 30 minutes but I've been known to take over an hour making up a face.  Then while the subject is in front of the camera, I'm maintaing the application, touching up and refreshing the makeup throughout the shoot.  My eyes are focused on every pore, on every possible flaw, on every bead of sweat.  Now of course stars look great in front of the camera, someone else is being paid to make sure they look perfect at all times.   

Okay well this makeup artist should totally be fired..  major major boo boo... 

 Overly made up everyday people scream self esteem issues to me.  Trying to cover up and hide behind a mask of insecurity.  If your interested this link will take you to an episode of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew that speaks volumes on this subject.  Take Off Your Makeup:
When Dove launched this Campaign for Real Beauty Video a couple of years ago, I was floored by the content, it really was an eye opener as to what our perception of beauty is.  I guess for me I see people for who they are in Real Life, not in front of the camera. I understand that were not all meant to be models and actresses.  Two completely different worlds to me.  But for the every day woman or girl, the perception is warped.

If you have a young girl you really need to visit  Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. This is an amazing resource for young women who struggle with self esteem issues. There are online workshops, articles and a plethora of information on building natural beauty self esteem.

Remember Real Life Beauty is Best..  You really are so beautiful to me...

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HeartsMakeFamilies said...

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Happy Follow Friday!


Marcie said...

It is so nice to hear your opinion of this. I'm not deeply concerned about my make-up (and it shows)but I do get pangs of jealousy when I see those beautiful celebrities. Especially the ones who are my age and look about 20 years old. So I guess it is just nice to hear someone in the industry say what our mom's tried to teach us "Being beautiful on the inside makes you beautiful on the outside".

You made my day!

MiMi said...

I love those Dove commercials.
Is that picture with the white on the face real??!! Seriously, what were they trying to do, take teh shine down and cover bags or something?
I don't feel comfy without makeup. Ever. But I don't wear a lot either. Cuz I'm too lazy to spend too much time. ;)

Tater Tot Mom said...

That dove video is so amazing! I can't believe someone let Nicole Kidman out like that...fired is right!

Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

What a timely post woman!! I totally agree that makeup should compliment you and not MAKE you. I love that video you are right shows what a distorted reality we have of beauty. Love love love this post!

Lene said...

I think the Dove commercial is genius.

Housewife Savant said...

I love. I love. I love you.
This is your best post evah.
You explained your job perfectly.
I LOVE the video.
And did I JUST realize that you add a song each time you post?
(I surf without volume b/c of my hearing impairment. And the ever-present threat of p*ssing a little when startled.)

Pam Ponder said...

I love the video and the fact your a makeup artist how cool that must be the funnest job ever ( I am not sure funnest is a word or not but it works) :-)

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

Hey. I just gave you an award. I'm just posting it now.

mama-face said...

At this moment I'm not wearing a stitch of makeup. Will you please give me a makeover?

In all seriousness, beautiful post. I love hearing about your real life experiences. They are so unique to anything I know. That sentence made way more sense in my head.


Dave Moody said...

Thanks for stopping at my blog. Many things are keeping us from getting together, but we're trying. I'll keep you posted. Following your blog I'll come back soon & have a look around for now it's practice time. Have a good night.

Mommakin said...

I have been a YOOGE fan of the Dove campaign since its inception.

I am very comfortable leaving the house without a stitch of makeup - I do it all the time. I never associated it with high self esteem, though... Thanks for pointing out the difference between every day and in front of the camera.

Christie Moeller said...

Great advice Mary! One of the things I hate most is to see a young girl caking on tons of makeup trying to look like an editorial layout in W. That kind of makeup is meant for photos..not everyday life! Girls here is a note: Please please dont cake mascara on until your lashes look like a tarachela! Mary is right watch the Dove campaign.

SafeHomeHappyMom said...

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Jessica said...

So I picked up a Rangefinder magazine at WPPI and one of the ads in there was for a company offering "intelligent touch-up software" for photographers. It showed before and after pics. When I first glanced at it, all I noticed that her skin was cleaned up. Chris had me take another look. Her face was widened, the shape of her lips changed, her eyes widened, even her hair was touched up. It was a very similar effect as the Dove commercial. Here is their website for anyone who cares to check out their other examples.


If it's a model for an advertisement, then that's one thing. But changing the shape of someone's facial features on their portraits?!?!? That is something completely different and does not sit well with me.

Yes, this is definitely a psychology conversation topic!

WhisperingWriter said...

I don't wear a lot of makeup. In fact, the past few days I haven't worn any.

Tomorrow I'm actually getting a makeup consultation because I have no clue what makeup is best for me.

Anonymous said...

i love!!!