Diary of a Makeup Artist #33 - breaking the law

OH today is a VENT day.. Things must get better. First of all my wireless is down, my modem only works on the kid's computer, so no beloved mac, which means, no Photoshop, no Illustrator, no billing.... Freak I can't get anything done and I have so much to upload and export. This only tops off the morning I had, in which I seriously wanted to get into a fist fight and "punch someone in the neck" as Mimi would say. My planned post today was to talk about good stuff, some recent accomplishments, and share beautiful images. However since the day is spoiled anyway I'm gonna talk about idiots in the industry... Idiots are everywhere, wouldn’t you agree?

There is an unwritten law amongst production crew...

If its not your department, shut your hole! Only give your opinion when its pertinent to your job. For instance!!

If you’re a makeup artist, shut your trap when the stylist is trying clothes on and working out a look. Especially if a client is around.

If your a model. Read this "Sorry but remember you're a hanger" My stylist colleague Christie brilliantly explains this on her blog.

If you're a wardrobe person, it's not your place to decide on makeup and hair.

If you’re being paid, stay in your department and keep your opinions to yourself. Undermining the creative process with clients is pure stupidity. Do your own thing albeit makeup, hair, wigs, wardrobe...

So heres the story....

My MUA Friend booked me on a job with her to create a wig for a client who's CEO needs a costume for a grand entrance into a meeting, the booking involved a prep day, a rehearsal day and a show day.. 3 days of work, SWEET. Emails have been exchanged, phone calls have been made, ideas have been born. I attended a meeting this morning to meet with Client, CEO and Wardrobe to iron out some details, then off to purchase and prep the wig. I arrive a few minutes early and sit next to Wardrobe and introduce myself. She starts asking me questions about the job and I share some of my concerns and ideas about the wig with her. Once the meeting commences Wardrobe starts off like a big KNOW IT ALL saying "Well I think blah blah blah(repeating the info I shared with her) should be done to the wig!" WTHell! She was so abrupt and wrong in her approach that CEO said "Well I don't think I want a wig then!" Wardrobe says "You're right! You don't need a wig. You're hair is perfect and so fab the way it is." It all happened so fast and I was in utter shock that this BeeYotch would do such a thing that I was speechless... Holy Hell she just got rid of me! No wig - No gig! I caught my breath, texted my friend who hired us, gave her the look of death and salvaged my job by suggesting extension work instead of a wig right in the middle of her costume presentation. My blood was boiling. This chick is dead as soon as we get away from the clients.

I so much wanted to say things like... "You know I think you could've pressed your seams better." or "Your bead work is a bit shotty." or "Sir that jacket makes you look fat, you should wear the Dolce and Gabanna suit you brought instead, its much more flattering." My friend who hired me reminded me to hold it together via text. So I said a polite goodbye to the Client and CEO and hit the door at a sprint to put distance between myself and this stupid woman before I knocked her teeth out. The ding dong clearly had NO IDEA what she had done because she was trying to catch up with me. I ignored her and called MUA who hired me and vented a vent that could earn me a ticket straight to hell. And I wasn't quiet about it, I'm not sure if she heard but she did back off. Now I get to work with this woman for 2 more days, no thanks to her loose lips. Luckily I've been assured she will receive a major beating from the one who hired us. Its gonna be good times...  She better watch it or more than this is gonna go down..

Things like this have happened to me a few times during my 10 years freelancing. Not many but a few. More than once by another makeup artist, twice by models... You know I made sure all of my colleagues knew of these people and their butting in ways. Yeah, I don't see any of them out working in our market any more. Can you say "just desserts"?

Take it from me, Breaking the Law will get you no where but blacklisted..

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Housewife Savant said...

Aw, Mary. I'm sorry your day has been so stressful.

I'm 100% confident you can salvage it. Repeat after me; Ben. And. Jerry's.

You would SO be the lady in blue, kicking a** in a purse fight.


MiMi said...

Oh, this sucks. I'm so sorry for you and your IDIOT girl you had to work with.
I know it will be good. You will rock whatever comes your way.
I hope you DO punch her in the neck...hehe.
No matter how nice we are and no matter how much we try to be good, there are days that people bring out the worst. Unfortunately, it seems like for me, it happens every day. :0

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Man, I admire your restraint~! I cannot wait to hear what the next 2 days are like with that clueless woman. Or maybe she is not clueless, maybe she is a raging b**ch. Either way I liked your desire to punch someone in the neck~! I would totally be frothing with you.

Leza said...

I hope your friend does a major dressing down of this woman. You never undermine someone else in front of a client. I don't think this woman realizes how lucky she is to still have this gig.

Christie said...

OMG! I Hate days like that! It seems to happen too frequently lately. everyone thinks they know everyone's else's job better than that person does!! GRRRRRR

Anonymous said...

WTHey is wrong with people? Seriously, just desserts is right. Oh man that video is freaking funny. Have a happy Friday my friend!

Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

LOVE IT when I saw Judas Priest on the side...I knew someone pissed you off and BOY HOWDY! You know some people are morons so they have to spew the intelligence of other people to make themselves look good.

You are a much better person as I would have slapped the slag right in front of the client for such a chicken squat move. Love ya woman.