Were Going to Be Friends- "Giveaway!"

Gotta have friends.  I've met alot of cool bloggers online.  I only know a few in real life, but would love to meet many in person some day.  Well since were talking about blogger friends I'd love to meet,  (see how subtle I am) you should (if you haven't already) definitely check out my good bud Kel of Housewife Savant.  See she's pure wit and entertainment.  She'll make you laugh, she'll make you cry from laughing so hard and for her, because she lives in a redneck neighborhood.  She hates Martha Stewart but she crafts just like her.  Which is why I'm so exposing her, in my exploits to win her glitter egg giveaway..  (see I love Martha I think Kel does too in her subconscious otherwise why in the heck would she be glittering eggs?)..
 proof is in the pudding

Hope she's keeping them refrigerated, I'd hate to get food poisoning after I win and they arrive.  Love egg salad.  Especially with a little bling.

So check out Housewife Savant (she's back in full force thank goodness).  No need to enter her giveaway as I plan on winning.  I'm kidding... (but not really).  Go ahead, enter with my blessing of bad luck..  Again... I'M JUST KIDDING...  but not really...
Housewife Savant
AND her blog design is pretty fresh, If I do say so myself..

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Housewife Savant said...

M*rtha is a buttmunch.
But you know I love me some MaryRC.

Janiece said...

The eggs are still raw???
That is totally crazy!
I love it!

I am off to check out her blog

MiMi said...

I love HS. I'm so glad she's back!

Anonymous said...

Her blog is fresh! I wonder who the awesome designer is!

Jessica B said...

Those eggs totally belong in your house, Mary! Win that contest!!

Jessica B said...

Hillary has this song as the ringtone on her phone!

Icy BC said...

I am joining FF, and follow you!