makeup tip #6 - lips like sugar

In honor of the amazing Sandra Bullock and her Best Actress win at the Oscars, but mostly about her fuscia red lips, were gonna talk lipstick today.  Man she looked good last night!  I saw some stunning classic old Hollywood makeup on the red carpet.  I must admit, it is my favorite.

I have to mention my good bud Jessica at Jessica B. Photography asked for a tip on purchasing red lip stick. As we all know, red can be a deceptive color and difficult to purchase. Red comes in shades of orange, pinks and blue. I should know I carry 5 shades of red in mykit and sometimes I'll mix in a bit of the above just to make the color work on my subject.

This is where beauty advisors at the mall come in. But first thing is first! You need to be in control of the purchase.. Don't be mesmerized by the sale's girl's makeup mastery.   And counter hop, every line's colors are going to be different, so be prepared to tell the truth and be opinionated. Yes, they will hate you for it and when you buy only one tube after you've spent 3 hours going through colors, they'll roll their eyes when your not looking. Your other options are inviting a beauty consultant to your home, or attending parties like Mary Kay, Arbonne and Avon.  This affords you the opportunity to try as many colors as your heart desires without collecting a drawer full of lipstick tubes you don't like.

Purchasing a red lipstick is all about being prepared. Be on a Red Lipstick Mission! Don't go looking for red without makeup on or in a shirt that clashes with red. You will hate every color you try, I promise.
Red Lipstick is a polished look of balance, so have a simple polished face on when you embarq on your mission. A white or black shirt will also help you see the true results as you are trying different shades on. And bring touch up concealer/foundation and powder with you. Because you will have a pink ring around your lips as you remove each try. Apply the concealer over the pinked skin before each application.

Red is such a preference color, its all about what you like and how it makes you feel. There really is no perfect shade for every woman in the world. My Favorite reds are by Avon, Loreal, Bobbie Brown and Lancome. I looked up shades, but alas most of them are discontinued, such is the norm with cosmetic companies and color in particular.

So have fun and make a day of it...  I know like we have time for this right?

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MiMi said...

Red lipstick is almost freakin' impossible for me to buy!
Those ladies looked so pretty last night with their old hollywood make up. Some of the dresses were questionable, but not Sandra Bullock, she rocks.

Christie Moeller said...

Nice! Listing the concealer tip is great! I hate it when you see someone out and their lips have grown twice the size in a couple hours from the red bleeding out! Put it on at 2pm and if they dont touch up with concealer they look like Bozo the Clown by 6pm..lol

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I am showing this post to my daughter. She loves red lipstick and sometimes it is a hit and sometimes it just does not work and asking me why is like asking a chimp. The last time I wore lipstick was at my daughter's wedding and it ALWAYS ends up on my teeth. I read a little bit on the Oscars and the fashions and the complaints about the make up I don't get sometimes. I will have hunt down who it was and then ask you to comment~!

Mammatalk said...

Didn't Sandra look great!?

blueviolet said...

I think I could wear it with my coloring but I feel like a d-bag!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

hey! Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day and you are the infamous bloggy designer that did Tracie's blog!! Nice to meet you!!

WhisperingWriter said...

Sandra is so pretty.

I wish I could pull off red lipstick. But I just wind up looking sick.

Janiece said...

My face is so pale right now...that my makeup never looks really very good.
and lipstick...with my "natural" light blue lips...I can not find any shades that look good on me...

I did not watch the award show...but the picture you posted of Mrs. Sandra...is amazing!
Glad to hear she won.

Housewife Savant said...

The Oscars were on???

What I love about you Mary (I sound like an Idol judge, don't I?) is that you don't always recommend only the $uper expen$ive brand$.
Lipstick shopping could be fun.

Last spring I went to The Counters. And waited. For eye brightener.

And I think I made a new friend when The Most Glorious Creature in God's Creation got 6 inches from my ugly face to apply the Miracle Product.
I marvelled at the results and said I looked "half as skanky as before."
Cuz I'm classy.

Mommakin said...

I have an olive complexion and always thought I'd look good if I ever found the right red, but so far any red I've ever found has just made me look trashy. I'm having a really totally unexpected love affair right now with very pale pink. Who knew? (well, prolly you... but who else?)

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

Yes Sanrda Bullock rocks!
I love red lipstick, but it doesn't suits me.
Hope you're having a nice day so far!
Betty xx

joeandbridge said...

Hi there! Just poppin in to be your newest follower. I'd love for you to drop in and follow me! Thanks!

Bridgette Groschen
The Groschen Goblins

Lene said...

I love Charlize's lip color, but her being-felt-up-by-a-cinnamon-bun-dress is a big no.

Jessica said...

First, my little heart started to pound upon reading the first few lines of your post. Red? Is she really going to teach us about RED?!?!?

Second, that purple dress should be banned. That's just not cute.

Third, so there is a good reason to go to a Mary Kay party!!

Thanks for the great pointers!!