Diary of a makeup artist#34 - photograph

When producers, directors and photographers are looking for a makeup artist.  They want to see "PHOTOGRAPHS", aka your portfolio.  It's important to keep your book current no matter how accomplished you are as an artist.  Style changes so fast sometimes, you can become too busy to work on your portfolio and the next thing you know, your phone stops ringing because all you have to show are photographs that are "so fifteen minutes ago".

I have some new work to show.  I've been testing a bit with an awesome photographer... Robert J.Kley...  A guy who's going places.  His work is stunning.  I'll work with him any day any dollar.. As a matter of fact the local MUA's are all jealous of each others images that he has shot.  I know because I'm jealous of many of his images that my brushes did NOT adorne.

This shoot we're calling Fashion Safari, as Christie Moeller the Stylist deemed it.  Our lovely model drove into Vegas from L.A. just to shoot with Rob.  I must admit I was very worried about the wind.  It was stinkin brutal.  You can't do too much with hair when its whipping this way and that.  But thanks to Rob Fabuloso...  Beautiful photographs took place nonetheless.
The makeup was all about a clean and natural look.  The no makeup look.  Some artists insist on only showing closeup shots of their work ignoring the importance of the impact an entire shot can have on the viewer.  As a newbie MUA, I would crop all my photos like this, to show off MY work.
Which was very arrogant of me (IMO) to think that the strength of the photo lied in my work alone.  However the shot is stronger featuring all of the elements i.e. photography, composition, styling, etc. This shot will make the viewer take a second look, the shot above doesn't stand alone.
images all copyright robert john kley www.rjkphoto.com
I found that filling my portfolio with images that had all the elements of a strong shot, got me more mileage that a book filled with closeups.  When it comes down to it, you want to appeal to the people who hire you photographers and directors.  When they look at a shot, they look at everything, not just the makeup.  They want to see how your element contributes to a great image.

They don't want to see before and afters, they dont want to see a poorly lit model, or so so styling.  And they really dont want to see bad makeup.  Well maybe for a laugh...
They do want to see that as a makeup artist you know when just a little is enough and when its appropriate to glam it up for a great shot!

Photographer: Robert J. Kley www.rjkphoto.com
Makeup and Hair by Mary RC www.maryrc.com
Fashion Safari Styling by Christie Moeller www.icanstyleu.com

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blueviolet said...

You are just so good at what you do!

MiMi said...

Those are fantastic!

Marcie said...

Amazing pictures. Love the music!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

You are so good at explaining things~! I loved all the pictures. Loved the boots in the one picture...my daughter will want those for sure. By the way, did you have a post on picking our red lipstick? My daughter loves red but she is having a devil of a time finding a true red with no orange in it or too purple. Or is this a quest for the Holy Grail?

Christie Moeller said...

Love it Mary!!! Good advice!

Sassy Chica said...

CHICA YOU ROCK!!!! I love your work, an artist you are!!

Sassy Chica

Melissa B. said...

Thanks for the "inside look" at your profession. Say, what's your thought on the au naturel Britney Spears pix vs. the retouched ones?

WhisperingWriter said...

Oh wow. Amazing photos.

Jessica B said...

Can I be your assistant some time? Especially if working with Mr. Robert? I'm sure there is a ton of stuff I need to learn.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Your work never ceases to amaze me, my friend. Hey, Jessica B. beat me to the assistant punch.