diary of a makeup artist #32 - fame

WOW! Where the heck have I been? Busy with nothing to show for it. Once again I'm sitting in an airport, heading to work for the week. Hate being away from the family but grateful for a paycheck. What a double edge sword this feels like. The makeup biz has hit the famine level once again. You'd think I'd be used to it by now, but no NEVER used to it. When I'm busy I long for time off, when I'm slow, I long for work. What a fickle business. Thank goodness for my semi stable client these days, let's hope I can keep them happy!

Last night at a church event, my neighbor friend Kathy (who works at the Hoover Dam) had exciting news for me! "Mary! Did you know that your famous? I had no idea how famous you are!" (That's because I'm not!) Well ATandT shot a commercial at the dam and she dropped my name while securing background talent. Apparently it was the regular BG group I work with pretty regularly. My first thought was "Oh no! They told Kathy about how much I yell at them!" But no, to my surprise, they made me sound like a bigger deal than I really am! Kathy went on to say that she was shocked as to how many people on the set knew me or knew of me. She was impressed! Especially when the makeup assistant stated you couldn't open a magazine without seeing my name and begged Kathy to give me her business card.

I HAD to gufaw! If I'm so famous how come I live in a 1600 sq foot track home, drive a Chevy Prism, wear non-designer clothes and my children attend public school? If I'm so stinkin famous why wasn't I the makup artist on this ATandT commercial?

Obviously fame doesn't pay the bills. Hubs said "Honey, your so famous people think you're too busy to work!" Little do they know this" famous" makeup artist is sitting at home in her PJ's surfing blogs praying for her phone to ring!

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MiMi said...

I think you're famous! Or at least glamorous! Does that help...? Are you flying to LA?

Housewife Savant said...

You've got a humble type of fame, the quiet kind, the not-so-well-known sort of fame that keeps you real and allows you to make really good PB&J.
And you blog, despite the demands of your public. I consider myself blessed to be your favorite blogger in the whole wide world.

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

How fun though~! Of course, now I have that movie "Almost Famous" running through my head. One day, we will be able to say we knew you when.

Being self employed can be exhilarating or nail biting...especially with tax day tomorrow and I am sending off a giant check for taxes. Not that I did my taxes, I wait until October~!

Thank heaven for loyal clients! Have a great trip.

Sassy Chica said...

I think your FABULOUS, famous or not!!!

Sassy Chica

jodi said...

You are famous to me and I live half way across the country!!! Miss you dear. Have you read the book thief ? I will mail it to you if you want!

Marcie said...

You are as close to fame as it gets to me! Before you, I just had to be impressed that James Garner asked to buy my mom a Coke back in her younger days.

Eve said...

I love you humor Mary...and I hope that phone will ring very soon...

Cheers: Evi