Dont wanna be "An American Idiot"

I've worked with many politicians over the years, even the last presidential election.  I thought I was an average informed citizen back then.  I watched the commercials, read the papers, listened to speeches and made my decision at the polls.  When I was unsure, I voted my party plain and simple.

Recently I've been politially checked in.  I've also been lucky enough to get to know candidates on a more personal level.  The nasty view the public gets from the media, is just sad.  Really really sad.  The information we recieve as voters isnt about the truth, its about selling a story.  The fight between candidates is just nasty, the mud slinging and the smear campaigns are seriously engorged.

I tell ya, its part of what is wrong with America.  Our founding fathers didn't mean for political service to be a career.  They meant it to be just that a service, not a lifetime of government.  I don't know, it bugs me.
How's the race in your neck of the woods?

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blueviolet said...

I'm thinking it's an impossibility to ever see a clean campaign again in our lifetimes. :(

Marcie said...

Oh wow. I completely agree with you. I think it is all about the story-whoever is telling it, whether it is the media or the candidate. I just wish we could trust the information we receive. I don't mind if I don't agree with a candidate-I just want to know the truth about their position-not what they "think" I want to hear. Give me your point of view and let me decide from there.

And the idea of holding a position as a service...Oh I wish it were so!
(You have found my soap box buttons!)

WhisperingWriter said...

The race here seems mean. But I guess it's like that everywhere. The ads all bash the opponents it seems.

Jessica B said...

I used to think you could vote based on appearances - you know, how you can tell whether someone is a nice person by looking at them and by their eyes and such. I guess that's when it really pays to have an excellent make up artist ;)

Chris said...

In my opinion, Green Day is one of my favorites to listen to...especially when there are bleeps of the swearing.

I don't align myself politically with them (at least their lyrics), but I like a lot of their music. The last few weeks I was on a green-day kick and listened to/watched 21 guns, workingman hero, warning, and wake me up when september ends. I was a HUGE fan of the Dookie album back in the latter half of the 90s. They are a little preachy, but that's ok...kind of like U2.

Oh, and if someone could reinvent media political coverage to make it so only you actually learned about the individuals and their politics, instead of getting 15-30 second hate bytes on tv and radio, it would do a WORLD of good!

Janiece said...

It is hard not to be an "idiot" when it comes to politicans.
You really do not know who is telling "most of the truth".
I wish they each one had to set at a lie detector and then give us their thoughts and speach...
I think we are letting to many outside sources tell us who to vote for.
Yea, I am a bit freaked out and tired of being lied to.
I also think that in 4 years you are done as an elected offical state and other wise.
done, done, done...

MiMi said...

OMGosh. You do NOT want to hear my take on this. You would get bored to tears.
I live in Oregon. Notorious BLUE state. I'm not...blue. It's hard. We have the career politicians here. CAREER and POLITICIANS should never be used in the same sentence.
We have a gubernatorial candidate that was the governer already! Trying again! Just like CA. IRRITATING.