Help! No more Disney Princess... :-(

This is it!  The last Disney Princess left in my daughter's room.  One tiny decal on her mirror, that she just asked me to remove.....  "sob"    She's almost nine and over Disney Princess decor.  It's been a sad transition for me, I'm NOT over Disney Princesses!
First thing she got rid of was her Cinderella bedding. I bought her a comforter for Christmas that fell apart in the washer before it ever made it to her bed. I was then informed  that I would be making her a quilt, so it would be special ;-)  She picked these colors for her room this pattern.  It reminds her of Punky Brewster.  

Help Plea #1
What do I do with this old wicker daybed?  I can't decide if its worth salvaging or not.  We had some company over just a few days after we got it when my daughter was 3.  The kids thought it would be fun to break off the wicker, so now it has holes in it.  Always has.  Any ideas or suggestions?
So I finally got the guts to paint this night stand that was mine growing up.  Aqua is my girl's favorite color. She is very happy with the results.  Below is what it looked like prior to paint.
So this is the dresser.  I am very sentimental when it comes to furniture, it's a very strange thing with me.

Help Plea #2
I just dont know if I can paint the whole thing Aqua!  What would you do?  

This is the next project.  The craft table.  I'm thinking of skirting it with the remnants from her quilt.  Whadya think?

Help Plea #3  
We need to paint the walls still.  My daughter is thinking multiple colors... Too much??


Becky aka mom aka tata! said...

They sure grow up fast don't they! As for the dresser I would do the frame of the dresser aqua and the drawers one of the colors in her quilt.

Jessica said...

I think the dresser is pretty! But Becky's suggestion is good. Also painted her walls different colors would be fun. Like, one wall one color and the three other walls all the sam color.