Diary of a Makeup Artist #31 - Workin' Day and Night

Thought I'd show you a few of the things that have been keeping me from blogging lately. I actually have a minute today to sit and catch up a bit. Last week was a busy busy one. My domestic duties suffered tremendously, thank goodness for a hubs who does laundry. The basket is empty as we speak. Woo Hoo! Now if I could only bring myself to focus on dreaded Goal #3 for 2010.  Crack the whip would ya!!

My weekend last week was filled with a corporate job reenacting the movie "The Hangover". I have to tell you, seeing corporate execs act that way, is quite amusing.

Then last Tuesday was a bit crazy. My day started with the Luxury fashion shoot. It was meant to be a semi quick day, but our model was a no-show! Seriously, remember the last time the blond model showed up goth? Whats the deal? After calling around to my model friends to try to fill the spot, I found out that this chick (picture posted here) is a chronic no show.  I called 3 different models and all said they'd been called to fill in for her numerous times.  Okay agents, drop this girl already! So our schedule was delayed 2 hours, but the fashion gods were in our favor because this beauty showed up instead. I was thrilled.
 As you can see I went with a soft brow and the Versace purples in this shot..  This is a sneak peek, shhh don't tell anyone you saw this here first. There are lots more to show, but so sorry I must with hold.

After the shoot, I had to frantically drive home and throw some stuff in a suitcase and hit the airport.  I had a flight out to make-up a client the following morning.  As soon as she was ready, it was back on the plane.

I had big domestic plans upon my return, but alas, I crashed on the couch until the kids got home from school.  I had a 5am call time the next morning which meant a 3:30 am alarm had my name on it.  I tried to get to bed early of course, but I think I hit the pillow at 11pm... Not enough.. I barely managed to throw on a hat and some fresh clothes before I left the house.
Model Djanna: Makeup by Mary RC :  Wig by Jason Bennett
But the crazy call time was worth it. Once in a while you actually get paid to do exactly what you love. In this case we were doing an ad for a client based around an idea I've been dying to do for EVER.. Well not that this happened because of me, but when you actually get paid to do something creative that you've been wanting to get out of your system, its a good day.
Girl Model: Brittany: Makeup and Hair by Mary RC  Boy Model: Makeup by Zee  Girl Model Djannna Makeup by Mary RC : Boy Model Makeup and Hair by Kelly Bellmonte : Girl Model Makeup by Zee:  Wigs by Jason Bennett
I have been wanting to do a Marie Antoinette styled shoot for my portfolio for ages.  This particular shoot sure helped to get that bottled up creative idea flowing out of my system.  You artistic peeps know how that is.  Its that nagging little nugget that loves to itch your creative spot.
Little Man Model: Makeup by Kelly B : Model Harmony Makeup by Mary RC, Hair by Kelly B : Model Brittany Makeup and Hair by Mary RC
This poor dear had her shot bumped and she sat patiently all day, like 7 hours before we got to her.  I love her mad hatter feel.  Doing her makeup was so fun..

And finally, being able to work with one of my bestest buds Jason, Wig Master extraordinaire made the day that much more pleasurable. You may also know him by his other talents as a costume designer at Time After Time Designs.  Working with Makeup and Hair cohorts like Zee and Kelly B made the madness much more bearable as well.  But 12 hours later at 5 pm, we were WIPED OUT!  And I still had my daughter's talent show to attend.  Which was nutzo!  Over achieving parents need to chill...  That my friends is another post.  WOW! What a week.  

 A big loyal thank you to Beth and Tanja at Luxury for their love and loyalty.
If youre a California voter, you must meet Meg!  Thanks for having me on board.
Thanks to Brian Brown Photography  and Cela our producer for making the shoot happen and letting me be part of the Vanity team. 

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MiMi said...
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Marcie said...

So glamorous....and so much work!

Jeanette said...

Love it! Such talent!!!

blueviolet said...

You are good at this gig!!!

Ann On and On... said...

You are amazing! You make me miss doing makeup. Although, I am not and was not nearly as talented as you!

Tracie said...

How do you have time to worry about my little old blog? Love the Marie Antoinette looks.

Lene said...

They are all gorgeous!

I love the girl with the Mad Hatter look!

Janiece said...

Impressive as always!
Thanks for sharing your talents

Kimberly said...

You do such beautiful work.

Ahh! We all get so busy. My blog has taken a hit too. I just have been running out of time.

Glad to see you again!

Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

Woman you absolutely amaze me at your talents. The girls looked totally awesome with the makeup very chic.

Jessica B said...

I saw those Marie Antoinette pics that your friend posted on Facebook (can't remember his name, sorry) Love it! How fun!! Glad you are keeping busy!

Tater Tot Mom said...

Your work is outstanding! I love it when you show what you've been working on. So glamourous!